Someday Axel Rose

On the other hand, emphasize the existence of many groups "atypical", because they are hunted with a version number, as is the case of "guns and roses", but in terms of "stories" we can show the background of this musical reality. Someday Axel Rose was in his luxurious mansion listening to your favorite music, of course the metal, with its sound system to "give everything" when an old woman, almost diabolical mad by the noise, knocked on his door to ask kindly drop a bit the volume of your computer. Our friend Axel, who personally went to open the door, furious with the respectfully request the old woman and without a word he dumped on his head the beer bottle he was drinking. The incident cost him a good morning in jail. But that's not all. He also has starred in what some journalists have called the shortest marriage in rock history. " Events of this nature are common to many other groups, as usual concert venues in the verbal and physical aggression of group members against their own spectators.

Shameful acts as guitars over "," punch "or kicking people close to the main stage, in order to exacerbate the mood and then drive them crazy with the start of the concert, are almost obligatory passage for most" bands " . The group "Kiss", for example, one day in one of his concerts did put some amount of chicks on the stage to start playing while the burst pisandolos or pateandolos! How to describe this people? "Crazy", we say all normal. "Offenders", say the most conservative. But the most amazing part is that most of the "sardines" Today's just say: "manes many lunatics!".