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The assortment of plants for rockeries, there are small Sissy, who can easily get lost among the rocks and foliage of other plants – grains, Levisa, Raul. For these and other tiny plants, you can create a mini-rock garden in a flowerpot, hollowed stump; fit under a rock garden old tub, sink or tray to make their own hands. Zasadka rock garden plants for drought-tolerant plants is preparing lightweight poor stony-sandy substrate on the upper parts of the dry alpine slides, the average flowers in the alpine areas gorkepokryvayutsya turf-sand and turf-gravel soil in the lower section is used loam and garden land. Also in the bottom of the rock garden can be arranged rock scree. In the soil for rockeries are added as needed decomposed compost, peat, clay, coarse sand, gravel, small concrete block, limestone or dolomite powder. Before preparing the components of the soil substrate should be cleaned from the roots of weeds. Pereobogaschenie land and fertilizer use leads to negative results – the plants are drawn, lost smartness. There are plants that cozy feel in the cracks on the vertical walls, occupy the gap.

To fill the voids between the stones recommended planting mix: 2 parts of the earth, 1 part peat, 1 part sand or gravel. In the intervals between the stones plants planted during the construction rock garden, using rooted cuttings or grown in a container plant. To do this, the soil from the roots and shake them slightly undercut. Terraces and spaces between the stones foresters plant a few weeks after construction rock garden. For areas with cold climates are recommended spring planting in rockeries, in other climatic zones – in autumn. Plants grown in containers can be planted in the rocky garden at any time. Before boarding their should be well watered, free from container and gently spread the roots, put in a little more than a clod of earth spilled water hole, pour from all sides of the landing mixture slightly umyat her fingers and pour. Soil mulch around plants with gravel or gravel layer of 1-2 cm between plants placed broken stone, the remainder of the rock garden construction. And do not forget the fishnet fences to testify.

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