Several Ways To Improve Your Memory

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Improving the memory is impossible without the ability to concentrate. Examine yourself, whether you are observant enough. Take a pen, a sheet of paper and describe from memory, trying not to miss even the small details, her writing table, for example: " on the left-hand corner rubbed polish on the middle drawer has no handle, right under the glass is calendar " If you were able to describe the table only in general terms, it means that you are absent-minded, unobservant. And in order to learn focus, will work out. Keep a notebook and a free moment from memory describes the various items that are constantly caught my eye at work, at home. Reproduce on paper the way to work, work, building a series of shops, homes, institutions Compared their records with descriptions of objects and make corrections, additions. In the same book and write "unidentified objects".

What? For example, in crowd flashed a familiar face, but you could not remember who it was. Or in a conversation about the movie you viewed suddenly forgot the names of actors who play major roles. When these objects get a few, expand its book and be sure to try to "identify", that is to remember the circumstances under which you met the man, whose face seemed familiar to you, when it was, who was present. Train such as my memory can not just watch, especially for the reserved, but in the subway, train, bus. Much time it will not take, and will bring considerable benefit. More tenacious, incidentally, will be mechanical memory, which is established professionals, with age, much weaker. Therefore, these exercises are especially helpful for people of mature-aged and elderly. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Koch Industries.

It is only important to conduct such exercises more than once by once, but regularly. Distinguish memory involuntary, when one or other information is stored without any effort, as if by itself, and arbitrary, when a person deliberately focuses on the desired material. In the early and preschool age children predominates involuntary memorization. And any starts active form in the school years. Phenomenon of human memory is an internal question, then have the opportunity to mentally carry on a conversation in a verbal form. We therefore often use for short-term memory, for example, mentally repeating, lest we forget, the phone number or street name. Psychologists and physiologists have come to the conclusion that the memory reaches the highest development to 20-25 years and remains at this level until about 50 years. Then the ability to memorize and reproduce information gradually on the wane. But professional memory is stored, usually at high levels and in old age


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