RING Authority

This attitude of the father of the youngster in them leaves a great revelation, and that is toward that they come back toward house of the Papa, therefore the Papa only can give these things. .AS CLOTHES They represent the restitution of the integrity, taking off the shame of that errou, sinned, but she came back recognizing its error. THE RING It represents the restitution of the authority, that was lost, but that one that has authority only can give authority. .AS SANDALS These represent the restitution of the stability and prosperity that the world steals, but the owner of all gold and all silver returns for the son. CONCLUSION That joy is to know that we have a Father that it is always of opened arms to receive its children. If you know somebody that if deviated from the way Mr., you do not leave to pray for them, therefore she will make them to the time to recognize that only in the house of the father she has food for life, clothes for the heating, but not if he forgets that the father is crying for its children who if had been. If you this in the house of the Father enjoy everything, therefore its is everything, either obedient, loving, affectionate, considerate a son, loves you to the father, takes care of of the house of the Father, you are who you will profit from this and when the prodigal son to vote makes a party together with the Father. But for you that he left the house of the father and is suffering and he seems not to see, already he is desiring to eat the acorns of the pigs, living a life below of the average, I I want you to leave a word, only I COME BACK TOWARD HOUSE. Pr. August Alexander Contacts: 0xx.35.3621.16.17 0xx.35.9199.71.01 pastoralexandreaugusto@ bol.com.br