Professor Valdemar Setzer

Yes. He seems I exaggerate, but despite I do not need, beginning this text of alert protest and with some phrases of people who partilham of this indignation. They see. Opinion of who sees the TV without masks, cruel naked and ‘ ‘ The TV is a physical and mental entorpecimento constante’ ‘ – Professor Valdemar Setzer ‘ ‘ TV, the machine to make doido’ – Cronista Sergio Port ‘ ‘ TV, the most fantastic machine of imbecilizao never criada’ ‘ – Betinho Sociologist ‘ ‘ The TV is forming generations of dbeis’ ‘ of Orson Welles’ ‘ he sees a history that is so next to being truth that would be enough to change some names.

Valley also to attend the set of documents produced for the BBC of intitled London in 1993 of ‘ ‘ Much Beyond Kane Citizen; ‘ boarded facts, the documentary valley the penalty. It was forbidden in Brazil at the time, but he is very interesting and he can be found in the Youtube or Vdeo Google in integrates. The salvation is in giving possibility to them to be provoked the main problem of the TV, speaking here of them pssimos not constructive contents, is that it in the delivery everything. Yes, it has excellent productions. It has visual works of art and deserving mirabolantes of sonorous ecstasy of prizes.

It has quality entertainment. has until diversion of good taste. But in the great majority the TV, unhappyly and speaking mainly of the opened TV, is pure garbage. Garbage that consumes in them what more we have of precious, the time. Time that we could use with real experiences, growth, plans and mainly with moments to the side of people who in are important! How many times you if did not see per minutes followed (or until hours) zapeando for canals until giving to returns and returns for the canals? Already he passed therefore? already thought about how much could be creating? This remembers to me much of the music of the mutants: ‘ ‘ It does not go to lose itself for ai’ ‘ When we read a book, we are obliged to create the boarded universe for the times considered in our mind.