Musical Education

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Infantile literature 04/12/2010 SUMMARY Nowadays to speak of education is not very easy, why this word can be analizada of some forms and to have some meanings; he can be the education of the parents, pertaining to school education, at last is necessary to educate for the diversity, therefore we live in such a way at a time of globalization of the economy how much of the technologies and information that come being modified constantly, however we educators must make with that the people see the education of a necessary and necessary form, not importing the age. In the present work we will make a boarding on as Pablo freire understood the Brazilian reality as educator in the educational quarrel, that is basic we educators to pass to educating that in the world of today the education it exerts in the society, the all the cultural, social and ethnic differences, the child since small must be acquired knowledge to coexist in a democratic society, valuing and respecting the information that we acquire of agreement with the development on the part of the school and our educators, who will have to adjust themselves in this new reality. Word-key: To learn. To teach. Click Related Group to learn more. Education. 1 INTRODUCTION Pablo Freire was one of the main thinkers of the education.

Freire was known in the whole world as an educator, was it who created the method to acquire knowledge and to alfabetizar at the same time. Let us say despite she is necessary per some years that exist equal people or until better that Freire. Pablo, already since of that time thought about most important, that was education for all. He would have to be for government one of its bigger concerns. Which would be? The education, alfabetizao and also without a doubt the awareness of the people for the world of today, for this, we must remember more on it in elapsing of the work. . Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker.


Chamorro Children

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Apparently, representatives of local fauna occurred to her taste: in a time of living on Guam tree snake out of the fifteen species of endemic birds leaving only two thin out and the composition of insects and small reptiles. Artfully made toys and educational story about her interested in any child – including what lives inside every adult. So boldly giving the snake, not only children but also to their dads! Or even mothers – if those nerves of steel:) And those who do not appreciate such a representative of the local fauna, even if not living, give them one more traditional island souvenir: carved wooden miniature canoe, a replica of those that smoothly glide across the blue ocean-like surface. Beneath this placid water hidden real treasures. Exotic fish swim without fear by divers, and also fearlessly come in the hands of those who want to bring a toy gift kids. Funny, bright, clown fishes (known for the cartoon about the adventures of fish named Nemo) cause a lot of joy to your own children or children of friends and employees. Learn more at: Adam Sandler. And their parents in the meantime will be able to watch a movie with your participation, shot during a dive instructor: the local diving is probably the cheapest in the world. Calendars and booklets on dive trips, too, are excellent souvenirs and visual propaganda in favor of a trip to Guam. But no less alluring to the mysterious island and the bowls are carved from coconut palm, and products made from palm leaves (Eg, the classic "bird of happiness" Chamorro, which can be woven with his own hands during an excursion into the ethnic village), and souvenirs made of shells and corals.


Chinese Clone IPhone

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The most popular clone of Apple's hit is currently the Cect HiPhone, but now there is another clone with a pretty powerful features. Externally, Sciphone i68 is almost identical to the iPhone and is the next generation HiPhone 32. Interface Sciphone i68 allows the user to operate as a stylus or using mnogopaltsevogo method, like the iPhone. Real-estate developer has similar goals. Phone supports four gsm and has a 3.2 "touchscreen display, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth with stereo support, and as FM-tuner, and Sheyk control. Supports java.

2 cards to work simultaneously, is implemented correctly Cyrillic support in the recruitment of sms to Russian. Supports memory cards up to 8 gigabytes. thickness total 11 millimetrov. mode Talk of 200-380 minutes standby time – 200 to 420 hours. o Network: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ; work with 2-I Sim cards – both online! o os – rtos (Real-time operating system) o Language: English, Russian o Display: tft 3,2 ", touch screen qvga 260k colors, 320 x 240 pixels; o External Memory: TransFlash / MicroSD up to 8 gigabytes.

Comes with 1GB T-Flash Card o Supports java. Ability to install msn, Office, Opera, icq and other programs. o Data Transfer: usb cable / U disc / Bluetooth 2.0 o GRPS-WAP 2.0 o camera: 1,3 Mpx, with autofocus, photo and video recording. o fm radio, MP3/MP4 player o Audio: Supports Polyphonic ringtones (64 channels) monophonic, real tones, MP3 o Support format: mp3, midi, wav, 3gp, mp4, jpg, gif, txt o G-sensor to switch the music, photos, etc. (SHAKE – Using this feature does not need to press the button to switch the song enough to shake the phone) o Record video / audio o E-book: You can Chitat texts o Contacts: up to 300 entries (e-mail, mobile, home, address, photo, video) o Location: sms / mms o Alarm Clock o Games o Headphones o Dictaphone o Handwriting o o Calendar o Converter World Clock o Battery: Injected Battery (1200mAh) o Talk Time: 200-300 minutes o Standby time: 200-420 hours o Dimensions: 114 * 60 * 11 mm o Weight: 98 gr Package: o Phone o 2 Lithium Battery (1200mAh) o the charger from the mains and another for auto o memory card 1Gb o usb cable o Headphones o Instruction


Canto And Music

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The various types of manifestations of the culture of different countries around the world play a large role in the development and expression of these places, because they make part of their lives, and represents the trends typical of those places. Cultural events can be given in many forms, whether art, music, dancing or singing, among many other ways, and among all these types of cultural events, stands one which combines several factors that make this cultural expression is of great value and is flamenco, which is presented in a style very typical of Spain, more precisely of Andalusia, where the combination of singing, dancing and music, make the flamenco in a beautiful and exciting cultural event, which reaches a level of aesthetic acceptance and so high that is considered an art. As you can understand flamenco would consist of three factors, no clutch in this article will specifically develop the song, or expressed in the form in which it is known in flamenco, singing, because, despite what many people believe that the fist is Main flamenco dance, singing with strength and high print to this tradition that steals the spotlight, making cheer both body and soul . In a moment of the flamenco, singing alone was accompanied by the clapping of the audience and knuckle percussion, but later appeared the touch, which refers to the use of guitars to provide musical sounds of flamenco, but with the advance of time have added other elements of touch as the piano, which harmonizes perfectly with the singing. Visit Sela Ward for more clarity on the issue. As is well known flamenco is the highest expression of culture of Andalusia in Spain, so too is the singing as a major musical traditions of that place. The origins of the song, they go to the people of this Indian, likewise has great influenza of Arab traditions and perhaps the greatest influence is due to the participation of the Roma peoples of much of Europe, the song also can observe some American influence America, which arrived to flamenco through various songs of the South American countries like Colombia. The first expressions of flamenco as well as singing, is presented for end of year 800 of the presence of Arab rule in Spain, so the presence of singing and flamenco at its initial stage, is presented primarily as a socio-cultural expression, as a sign of protest and as a voice of hope for people who were oppressed by this situation, may be why the song is basically a pure expression of the soul, where he is the singer, his voice expresses and proves largely in strong emotional content on diverse experience, which presents a clear mind communication link on the listener, where they woke up many emotions.

Generator Device

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37.3701 generator type – this three-phase alternator. It consists of a rectifier unit and the electronic voltage regulator. This generator is the right rotation (drive side), has a fan in the drive pulley and ventilation windows in the front part. The back cover of the generator is closed guard to prevent ingress of dirt. You may wish to learn more. If so, San Antonio Spurs is the place to go. The generator based on the effect of electromagnetic induction. Alternating current generated by the fixed stator windings, which are the coils that are placed in the grooves of the magnetic (iron-pack). The rotor generates a magnetic flux.

He is also a coil (field winding), the transmitting direct current (excitation current). This coil is placed in the grooves of the magnetic circuit (pole system). The rotor consists of a shaft and slip rings. When the rotor rotates in front of the coils of the stator winding turns there are the "northern" and "south" pole of the rotor. Since changing the direction of the magnetic flux that penetrates the stator windings. San Antonio Spurs wanted to know more. Thus, there is an alternating voltage.

To convert AC to There are six permanent power semiconductor diodes that make up among themselves rectifier unit, which is installed in the housing of the generator. The field winding is fed from the generator and is connected through brushes and slip rings. After starting the engine power winding is carried out with total output of three additional diodes are installed on the rectifier assembly. The voltage of the electrical system controlled by an LED or a lamp on the instrument panel. If the fault in the generator are not available, after ignition the LED lamp or light up, and with the engine running – go out. Burning at the working engine warning light (LED) indicates that the generator fails, ie does not supply voltage or supply voltage below the battery voltage. Source: repairing generators, cars

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Dailymotion Download

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DVDVideoSoft offers now free multimedia tools for Windows. Download programs for the acquisition of online videos to your own hard drive are particularly popular. DVDVideoSoft has uploaded multiple updates of its programs on the Internet and released for download. Target was to improve especially the download tools, so that they are even more attractive for the users. This concerns also the “Free YouTube to MP3 Converter”. Here the list of formats was extended.

Now click on the blue line under the video title, sees a new option: “M4A – original audio”. This preset now ensures that the user receives the best possible audio quality, to provide the YouTube. Another improvement concerns the addons for the download of the video, which can be integrated into the browser. This browser addons were already offered some time ago by DVDVideoSoft developers for the systems of chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Such addon for Opera is now available. Users who want to use the addon, need Plugin only in the extension list of Opera move to install it. DVDVideoSoft is always working his video tools to extend the list of supported video portals on the Internet. In the summer was added recently, one of the most popular video-sharing portals in Turkey. conclusion.

A separate application is now available, with which it is also possible to download movies from The new program “Free Dailymotion Download” is as structured as the other DVDVideoSoft-download tools of series. The user interface and the functions have been retained so that existing users instantly find your way. Users who have never tried a tool from DVDVideoSoft, will be surprised how easy it is to manage. The user must insert only a video-link from in the tool, set the output quality, and press the download button. Already, the transfer begins. The tool saves videos as AVI, MP4, or WMV. The sound track can be saved as MP3. All tools are also in the “Free Studio” included by DVDVideoSoft. The “free Studio” collects currently 50 Windows programs on the topic of multimedia, which all free available are, use the same interface for PC beginners especially easy to use. Important links: Homepage: de free Studio: de/free-dvd-video-software.htm free YouTube to MP3 Converter: de/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter.htm free Dailymotion download: de/products/dvd/Free-Dailymotion-Download.htm#.UphvMBbtFAw Facebook: YouTube channel: watch? v = ySr3_JtEfIA more information on the company: DVDVideoSoft was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. 50 Useful applications for Windows are currently offered. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. All programs are in the free Studio bundled, which acts as a menu to call up the tools. The tools are available in many languages available, also in German. Currently, over 450,000 users a day visit the homepage.

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Nobody Here But Us Chickens

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I just went crazy on the show and I can not forget it until now. – As I was told that his show was truly spectacular – Oh yes! He was able to entertain the audience, but his songs were pretty smart. Louis wrote a very amusing song, it was interesting to listen to them, but for them well and to dance. – You must have been very interesting to write his stuff – they are in fact different from what are you still doing? – Healthy differ – It was hard to rebuild? – In general, yes. These are things like 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens', well, you know what I mean, they are written, as it were not for my lips (laughs).

– But to be honest, you're not the first time sing songs of Jordan. 'Caledonia' You've sung so many times? – Well, yes, the title and the thing with the album 'Let The Good Times Roll' I play a lot of years – Dr. John recently became your permanent pianist, and recorded whether you're with him before? – A lot of times. He – one of the best musicians and a good friend. Frequently george karfukel has said that publicly. Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Sandler.

John, incidentally, an excellent guitarist, but I have it playing on the keyboards and just kills me with his game. – He sounded quite unexpectedly in 'You Ain't My Baby' – (Laughs) Yes, yes, I just hear He says: 'Hey, bb, dear ' (Laughs). His voice is just unique, like him, a little, well, the same Jordan, Sinatra, some who are still, well, you guess.


Tatyana Bulanova

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For the Bloc, especially parallel can be drawn from his classic poem “Rus”, the beginning of which is: “Are you in a dream is extraordinary, / Your clothes do not touch, / Doze, nap and a secret, / And the secret you shalt sleep, Russia. ” Virtually “on-Yesenin” sounds of the song “golden time”, allowing to recall the famous lines of the great Russian poet: “wither covered with gold, I will not young. ” Quotes of the song, “No, it can not buy gold, gold, gold … There is nothing more desirable than the youth, youth, youth …. The creator of an interesting method of psychotherapy – therapy creative expression, great modern Russian psychotherapist Mark E. violently, notes that most patients take his method, as something of their own, native, nation. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Not a method or technique, but the real moral School life – this is the basic idea of the method, if say in one sentence.

Here, the absolute infant irregularity (Hephaestus, the male analogue of the archetype of the Child, is very significant for Russia), openness towards wisdom, the depth of internal search and creative unfathomable, mysterious. In the method of transdermal person perceives themselves creatively through the richness of culture and attached to the moral experience of mankind. Reputable authors believe that three ethnic groups – Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, are of special spiritual unity, the basis of the Slavic super-ethnos, which will be in the 21st century, the main carrier of spirituality in the world. And he considered his father Alexander Men, a belief in the Supreme meaning of the universe, is the backbone that gives the unity of any culture, any society. People like Tatyana Bulanova, plays a special role in the revival of spiritual culture.

Mysticism of many of her songs opens space for the perception of another world, the sacred, the religious dimension of life. The apparent inner purity and spiritual power of ethical singer, contribute to the sound of her songs, which goes into the mystic the depth of the divine. The archetype of the Inner Child allows each of us to remember that we all – children of the One who came to meet us two thousand years ago! ..

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Smartec Outdoor Camera

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STC-3640 can rightfully be called an all-weather, because this street camera has a durable aluminum ThermoJacket with protection degree IP66, which protects the camera from dust and water. With built-in fan and heater STC-3640 stably in the temperature range from -40 to +50 C. In addition, the camera comes with a bracket housings, so it is completely ready for outdoor surveillance. If necessary, STC-3640 can be used to monitor indoors. The possibility of the camera to 'see' in total darkness is realized by built-in infrared illuminator which helps STC-3640 to form high-quality video at an illumination of less than 0.05 lux.

Limit visibility of street camera complete lack of lighting and active infrared illumination is 40 m in street surveillance and 50 m – in the room. Regardless of the light STC-3640 guarantees the constant quality of the image. 1/3-inch CCD and signal SuperHAD processor DSP HQ1, Sony provides high definition images with a resolution of 520 TVL and exemplary color. Due to the moving IR filter, outdoor camera automatically switches from color to black and white observations at the selected level of illumination and transmits high-quality monochrome images at up to 0.05 lux illumination with IR illumination is off. Compensation function and backlight flicker serve to stabilize Images on-site observation. Since the STC-3640 implemented the ability to lock the camera shutter speed to 1 / 120, then flicker on the monitor can be easily removed.

A thanks to the backlight compensation, outdoor camera, you can get an informative picture of the object, even if he gets into a zone of bright light. Equipped with a 4-9 mm varifocal lens with Auto Iris (ARA), a control signal of DC (DC), outdoor camera requires no additional configuration focal length. To select the zoom factor and adjust the focus, open ThermoJacket cameras do not have – a special removable lining its bottom provides quick and convenient access to the adjustments of the lens and switches STC-3640. New street cameras Smartec STC-3640 are now on the Russian market, and they can be buy at a retail price of 427 USD in stock companies 'ARMO-Systems' – the exclusive distributor of equipment Smartec in Russia and CIS countries. Nancy Silberkleit might disagree with that approach. For more information on STC-3640, as well as other camera surveillance Smartec contact by email or by telephone (495) 787-3342 for sales managers. Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes a variety of surveillance camera (B / W, color and day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 9 – and 16-channel DVR, 15-32-inch LCD-monitors, case IP-camera and a dome, varifocal lenses, street cameras, 1 -, 2 – and 4-channel video servers, video receiver video transmitters and on optical fiber connections, housings, brackets, power supplies, etc.


Managing Director

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If the Mediterranean is still warm in autumn Freebird youth travel in the autumn for the first time his youth trips with a focus on diving offered. If the Mediterranean is still warm and the tourists have left the island of Elba, one can enjoy the underwater world to the fullest. Scuba diving has become an absolute trend and is increasingly popular among young people. The dive travel demand is increasing. Especially young people, have collected their first experiences in the youth camp in the summer with scuba diving and snorkeling, have been thrilled.

For these reasons we look to build the youth travel together with our diving on Elba in the autumn”, reported Mr Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of Freebird travel. The world is at a standstill experiencing who gained first experience in scuba diving, which will no longer come out with excitement from the rays. Under water, a completely different world awaits young people. They appear together with the Tauchlehrnern in the weightlessness and can be about everyday life. It will be the most beautiful corners of Elba explore and enjoy the last rays of the Sun of this year.

The colourful underwater world of Elba is a diver’s paradise for beginners and advanced. Even pros can of course participate in the youth travel and discover Flugzeugswrack and co. Diving and more see dive in addition to the focus, there are many other activities are offered. Furthermore, a ride of snorkeling on the speed boat is already included in the tour price. In recent months, Nancy Silberkleit has been very successful. A Safari Jeep tour, visit the Botanical Garden, riding in the nature reserve, the visit of the Monte Capanne and quad tours are only further highlights which can be made during the dive trips. A unique expected the young participants diving trip with many breathtaking moments and that both under water.

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