Olympic Games

During this month of November, Seville will be scene of the running of the film Jappeloup, the history of a horse, whose main scene of running will be the Stage of the Cartuja, very near our hotels in Seville. The French tape counts the history of the Jappeloup horse, winner of a gold medal in the Olympic Games of Seoul in 1988. Jappeloup, new film that will be rolled in Seville The running, anticipated that is realised in the Stage of the Cartuja, offers a unique opportunity to relaunch this space of Seville. Also, another location negotiates more with the producer than it has not been kept awake. A running of eight days is anticipated, with 960 pernoctaciones and the hiring of 80 Sevillians, between technical services, catering, etc. On the other hand, the City council of the city is managing with the equipment of the film The Dictator, with numerous scenes rolled recently in the Place of Spain of Seville, to obtain that " premire" – in the cinematographic jargon, presentation a international level, is realised in the city, through a giant screen in the New Place, place where also it has been carried out leaves from the running.