Nobody Here But Us Chickens

I just went crazy on the show and I can not forget it until now. – As I was told that his show was truly spectacular – Oh yes! He was able to entertain the audience, but his songs were pretty smart. Louis wrote a very amusing song, it was interesting to listen to them, but for them well and to dance. – You must have been very interesting to write his stuff – they are in fact different from what are you still doing? – Healthy differ – It was hard to rebuild? – In general, yes. These are things like 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens', well, you know what I mean, they are written, as it were not for my lips (laughs).

– But to be honest, you're not the first time sing songs of Jordan. 'Caledonia' You've sung so many times? – Well, yes, the title and the thing with the album 'Let The Good Times Roll' I play a lot of years – Dr. John recently became your permanent pianist, and recorded whether you're with him before? – A lot of times. He – one of the best musicians and a good friend. Frequently george karfukel has said that publicly. Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Sandler.

John, incidentally, an excellent guitarist, but I have it playing on the keyboards and just kills me with his game. – He sounded quite unexpectedly in 'You Ain't My Baby' – (Laughs) Yes, yes, I just hear He says: 'Hey, bb, dear ' (Laughs). His voice is just unique, like him, a little, well, the same Jordan, Sinatra, some who are still, well, you guess.