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Most of us lived in the Soviet Union, someone remembers this time with a smile, and someone did not want to retrace the events of those years. In many ways, about a particular time can be judged by a culture that was characterized by him. Music too much to say. It so happened that the culture and music of the Soviet Union is largely dependent on the policy. Strained relations with the West were reflected in the music.

The musical culture for the most part developed isolation from other countries, and therefore formed a special mood. Partly because of the Russian musicians today is so difficult to break into the western scene. Now you can safely say that in the Soviet Union was little foreign music, and if it was, it was only in the last years of the Union, or whether it was illegally delivered to the expanse of our country. Only a handful of foreign musical performers awarded the honor to come to Russia with the performance. Such an honor, for example, had the then popular band Boney-M, which was filming the video for Rasputin against the Kremlin.

It is worth noting that among the wide range of musical styles in the Soviet Union was not. In general, There were many great writers and singers 'domestic production'. Current musical trends during the Union was a rock and popular music. Numerous vocal and instrumental ensembles became a symbol of this musical era. We can not, of course, forget about rock artists. For example, a group of "Movie" led by a charismatic performer Victor Tsoi left an indelible mark in music history, work of this group largely determined the development of rock and direction of our country in post-Soviet era. Even today, almost half of the musicians of the Russian stage of Viktor Tsoi considered his mentor. One of the the brightest and most successful bands performing songs in the style of "pop" was certainly a group of "Tender May". There was not a special division for rock and pop-flow. Now the boundary more clear. Recently, however, there is a gradual erasure of the border. Today the younger generation is much more choice, and the musical direction was an order of magnitude greater. We can say that one of the top priorities of musical styles are those which are suitable for playing in clubs. The development of the dance scene is largely defined and the development of musical styles and preferences. So, the younger generation mostly prefer to listen to music the style of "House", "electro," "techno" and so on. Although now there is a tendency direction of the main styles of music dance scene to a more steady flow, such as chillout, lounge and soulful. He left there a music track Soviet Union? Of course – the nostalgic mood of disco 80's, for example.

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