Considering the society contemporary, we observe the force that the media Television possess in what it refers to the dissemination of information, entertainment and of behaviors. Had to this, we stand out the exacerbado consumerism and the tool of the advertising, merchandising, as being the main factors in the behavior of the young Brazilians in way to a new social context that comes being made possible for the emergency of new technologies, providing a greater to be able of decision to the consumer. In this conjuncture, we analyze the soap opera of the Net Globe, Malhao, and its influence in the construction of the identity of the young viewers, with a bigger approach in the question related to merchandising inserted in the program. Word-key Television. Consumer. Merchandising. Analysis.

Malhao. 1? Introduction In the current society, we live the age of the miditica convergence, that comes demonstrating the power of the interseco between the old and new medias. What it reigns is the ideological order of the great dominadores of production of knowledge, information and entertainment, in a standard of exacerbado, presented consumerism with naturalness for the medias, each time more renewed technologically. Today the first one to be able is economic and the financial one and as it is the miditico, being placed as ideological apparatus of the globalization. We live in the transistion of the paradigm of the literalidade to the paradigm of the image.

In it, the force is visible that the television possesss as half used, par excellence, for the attainment of information and knowledge. A new theory of the marketing comes being imposed, and with it, a new model of consumer, who starts to have a bigger control on the miditico flow in its home, happened of the transformations in the technology of the medias. In way to this society, this article looks for to elapse on the power of the television, its causes and consequences, and as the advertising, through merchandising, can obtain to skirt the force of this new consumer ‘ ‘ controlador’ ‘.