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Our today's topic – a meeting with the Europeans. Many women to marry foreigners, want to know what kind of country it is best to look for his happy family life and what the characteristics and differences are found in men from different countries? Let's try to at least briefly to answer this is not a simple question. Of course, the most desirable suitors for our Ukrainian brides often act as men from such countries as America, England and Australia. These countries are rich and life there is secure, and pleasant. I must say that from these countries did many men want to start a family with Russian and Ukrainian women. While, on the matrimonial intentions come to us from men in most developed countries in Europe. It is believed that the British are great party with our women. They are balanced, tolerant, but at the same time willing to share their own problems and to listen to concerns of its women.

The British are willing to compromise and to keep their promises. Australians are the same people fairly unique. They have a specific country and climate. I must say that in Australia for one Women account for at least two men. This is due to settling of this country and the fact that there has never been a war.

Therefore, many men in this country, not only were not married, but not even met with the women and 30 years of age. Say, a great field of activity? True, but many of these men are very capricious. Approximately the same situation with the Finns. There are also more men than women. However, the cold climate is not very favorable for capriciousness. And, they say, the Finns do not share household chores to male and female, so that home help is guaranteed. This, of course, plus the choice of the nation for meetings with the Europeans. Germans are famous not only for its punctuality and accuracy, but the stinginess and avarice even. French course Sharman, but they can be very petty and very arrogant. They may not without reason, according to France, the cradle of civilization although there are worn jeans and old sneakers. And the Gallic spirit, unfortunately, not perfume. I would say that the best way to with the Europeans, Spaniards are suitable. After all, they are anything like us. They are very slipshod, like holidays, a walk and revel to the full. Besides, if you're looking volcano of passion, this is also for them. Dutchman good family man, though a few golandtsy intimidated by their own men. In fact the very emancipated and take for insulting any favors, not to mention the fact that pay for them, for example in a cafe! The Dutch just crazy about animals. So, if you choose the Dutchman for a meeting with the Europeans, prepare for what they have even in conventional restaurants, the table is a place for dogs and cats. At home, they can keep in a small apartment for several pets. Of course, men from every nation can have many positive and negative, from our point of view, qualities. But if you want to go on dates with the Europeans, have to adapt, learn and accept them for what they are. Indeed, in the end, it will stand before you move to another country.


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