Makadi Club

Territory Makadi Club connects the hotel Makadi Marine Makadi Beach Hitachi and, as I said the hotel is very green, large Pool in the fifth case is a gym in the same pool, chess is all free! Separately, about the animation, the best around Makadi is not only mine, but that of tourists who stayed at the Makadi Marine Makadi and Beach. On Mondays, all the hotels Makadi carried the Olympic day the most interesting event that I could watch during their holidays, tourists are competing with each other in beach volleyball, archery, darts, water polo, etc., at night all dressed in white and award winners, and then all the flock at the disco funny name Laloka and danced there until morning. The same way every night in the amphitheater hosts various shows, very well running a children's club, and even every day campers gather around the hotel pool and dance club dance Makadi in the early days, I treated this with skepticism, but on the third day she started to dance, it is very common. About the contingent at the hotel, so many Germans and Austrians, the people ask, will notice a very decent, I never saw the drunken brawl, although there was an old German woman, who quietly got drunk at the bar every night and just as quietly attributed to the number of young people neochen lot, but I found a company, since traveled alone. I want to note about the personnel Makadi Club, in Egypt I'm not the first time and has always saddened that rest is the arrogant waiters and bartenders, here is what is such completely absent, all neat neat, and even saw a picture of one girl had a birthday so all the waiters gathered in a circle carried the cake and started singing so beautifully in all the mood has risen, we they were asked to repeat several times because of them turned out to be an unusual evening, the reception is a little girl she is from Kiev, if you do that, then you need to contact her. And now the most Makadi Bay is a small town with shops, restaurants, a bank, there is a huge center of beauty there, incidentally, a good spa and a great massage, there are 2 discos Laloka I mentioned earlier, and Sambuca, and is the main attraction Makadi a blue engine who runs every half hour around Makadi. R.S. Egypt-Makadi, Makadi Club – super come not regret it.