Low Frequency

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And so begin, I'm not going to go heavily in scientific terms and to try to explain it all easy accessible by human language, as they say, without water. The first thing we'll start a recall school as a known human ear perceives sound waves of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. As there is the same person or not of the same range of human hearing. For example, I hear in the range of 15 hertz to 16,000 hertz. But best of all, we hear sounds from 500 to 4000 hertz – range of human speech.

Too low we perceive as a vibration. Too high – ultrasound – just do not hear. Ultrasound – this is the sound range, above the limit of human hearing, ie, frequency sound waves above 20 . Infrasound – the sound range, below the limit of human hearing, ie, frequency sound waves below 20 Hz. The second thing we'll do is analyze the range of (He tract lane) human hearing.

The range is divided into three components: Low Frequency (LF). Midrange (MF). Radio frequency (RF). Third, for a good sound to your audio system to achieve consistent sound subwoofer and front speakers. To do this we need to identify with a frequency response starts slump front speaker and for this we will help test the site. (Link at end of article) The fourth, setting up the subwoofer. For example, consider the acoustics of a home theater. 1. determines how frequency starts slump afc front speakers. To do this, disable the subwoofer, write tests to drive reproducible. Switching tracks from about 100 hertz to 20 hertz, you should notice a decline in volume. Let's say you observed decline in the volume between 25 hertz and 31.5 hertz, 31.5 Hz can be heard more distinctly than 25 hertz, it turns out that the decline in afc front speaker is about 31.5 Hertz. 2. include a subwoofer and put pen crossover (cutoff frequency) in position of 31.5 hertz. 3. Done. Finally, this procedure is necessary to make the settings using the tone generator or MP3 – wav tests are recorded on cd, dvd, usb Flash drive, ipod, or any MP3 player, and now only after playing the musical material. Download tests and start using! Link number 1 Link number 2 in this set of 31 selected test in fotmate Wav: from 20Hz to 20 000Hz.


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