Literature Poem

All the light and superficial words must be removed, leaving in verses only what it will be dense and substantial. The artist of the word must have the ability of a catador: to select words simple that bring in itself the maximum force of the poetical expression. The poem must be, in agreement Flag, disturber, so that reach the common people and its impurities: New poetical (…) the poem must be as ndoa in the coarse linen cloth: To make the satisfied reader of itself to give the desperation. I know that the poetry is also dew. But this is for menininhas, the stars alfas, the virgins one hundred percent and the loved ones that they had aged without badness. It can be inferred above of the stretch that the innocent people do not have capacity of understanding of the depth of the words, therefore, for them, the poem becomes dew: superficial, without impregnating in the soul as the mud it penetrates in the coarse linen cloth. The poem must take off the reader of the apathy.

Observing the opinion of the proper writers how much to the conception of the poem it can be perceived that the lyric modern confirms the expectations of the idealizers of the modernista movement. Innumerable innovations as for the subject, content, white public and to the proper positioning of the artist of the word ahead of the new possibilities of creation had occurred. The superficiality of searched carefully words, however without substance, gave place, in the new times, to the choice for simple, but loaded terms of subjectivity and content. The subjects must follow the modern life; the white public leaves of being the elite and the poet starts to cover the streets in search of the common reader.