Leonid Lyutvinskogo

These tracks were recruited at times up to 10 – 15. Then it all came down. Sometimes, after a few days, they returned to the song to echo it, and sometimes even change the tone and to echo again and peresvodili. Question: – Who coined the name 'White Eagle'? Vladimir Zhechkov, Producer: – This is the whole story. While vodka advertising campaign 'White Eagle' was engaged in my company – 'Premier SV'.

The campaign went very well. Remember the famous movie with George Grymov 'drunken dancer ':' – 'Who are you? – – I – white eagle! " I really like to see in the image of the group together two opposite settings: seriousness and humor at the same time. It is therefore came 'White Eagle' – on the one hand – the pathos, the other – the ability to laugh at themselves. I think we were right. Since its inception the group has attracted close attention of the media and quickly became to win the hearts and minds of the jaded, in best, a mediocre product, the listener, but since early 1998, one by one, followed by the most prestigious prizes: 'Ovation – 98' for the best hit of the year award "Golden Gramophone '' Russian Radio 'in 1998," Silver Shoe "for the most scandalous clip of 1998, 'Quality Mark' for the best debut award Agencies 'Inter-Media' for the best-selling album of 1998, ie: a group of 'White Eagle' were collected every significant prize of one year (which by the way is and Today no one repeated record), much less significant regalia was trudnoopisuemoe number. Permanent ekvipment-abgreyd musical instruments and equipment advanced technical team achievements of the world's leading manufacturers of work on hurricane musicians sound, the execution only 'live' lead-vocal and instrument parts, a professional acting solo Leonid Lyutvinskogo, elegant stylish stage shows that accompany the show, smikshirovanym (with the technical possibilities of venues) in sync with the soundtrack of visuals, fantastic light, Pyrotechnic special effects – just some aspects of composing a long list of dizzying success of the most demanded of the Russian platform, as evidenced by the very geography of touring groups in Russia – 'White Eagle' from the inception to the present day: more than five hundred cities in 50 countries on 4 continents, not counting the repeated rounds of pets and the public millions of readers worldwide sales of audio-visual media and co-label products, leaving the vast majority of known brands, including nominees of the first echelon of popularity, and for the exclusive right to distribute audio and video products group 'White Eagle' traditionally, beginning with the first album, the real struggle is unfolding.