When watching my life I occur to account that the sky is blue, The wind is lukewarm, The sun shines, The sea sings, The birds fly, The wine knows to wine, The bread to bread, I can from time to time smile, To sing and to cry. I speak and I listen I know and I see I sleep and dream Parece that I take to a normal life But in spite of that difficult it is to be without you The sky is covered and gray is put The lukewarm wind cools the skin to me when it touches to me. The sun does not shine for me. I do not see birds, the wine does not satiate to me, The bread lost its flavor, My smiles and songs only are When fodder in you also the weeping. When speaking I am not listened to and when listening I do not understand, I see but I do not include/understand, I sleep little much but dream Dream that when waking up you will be side Dream that I can continue living and to stop surviving without your love Dream that you will be there, Always to see me wake up My life without you is like a song without melody A day of summer without sun I want to stop dying while still alive I want to be next to you. I love you!