The creator of the personages of the Group of the Monica ' ' Maurcio de Sousa' ' a genius with the subject is same is entertainment! To have bred the drawings, histories in quadrinhos, the Games of the Group of the Monica had always been great ideas that had given certain, but to create up to one app them fans to be part of the Group of the Mnica find that a great one drawn for this year of 2012 was. Who one day of the children, young or adults did not dream more in being an livened up member of this turminha of the quadrinhos is not? now you can with applicatory ' ' I want to be of the Group of the Mnica' ' , that currently it occupies the second rank of the programs more preferred to use in iPhone. The applicatory one that it was launched recently is for those people who like games to dress with a mixture to create to avatar, therefore with these new Games of the Monica you will be able to take off a photo its and later using the program to create a personage who will go to be part of the group. To lower the program it is necessary to enter in the site of Apple and to look for Mauricio de Sousa or then for the applicatory one ' ' I want to be of the group of the Mnica' '. Later that to find the applicatory one is alone to lower for its cellular one and then to start the diversion. I will choose the item that more combine with you as the options of hair, mouth, eyes, height and then to finish I will choose the type of clothes and accessories that more combine with its personality. After to have bred its to avatar, arrived the hour to choose deep a well bacana one for the image and finally to use the social nets as: Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to share its personage of the Group of the Monica with its friends. The applicatory one is entirely gratis and functions in such a way for iPhone, iPad or iPod-Touch with languages for the Portuguese and English and the user must have a good access the Internet therefore can delay a little to lower the applicatory one, since the game has 36,8 MB. It is part of turminha more legal of Brazil and it does not leave to divulge this subject for its friends, after all of accounts is very difficult to find applicatory national so legal as this.