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Stretch marks are cosmetically unpleasant to the eyes of all. Really damaged self-confidence. And even in some cases, avoid people socialize it. They are not physically harmful, but they are emotionally and psychologically. However, there are solutions to the rifling.

If you want to know how to eliminate stretch marks, you only have to use three famous beauty secrets. Secret 1: Drink plenty of water not really no woman than this extremely worried about his health without a bottle of water to wherever you are going. That is because the water has many healthy benefits and cosmetics. Water is good to reduce stretch marks, it is healthy for the skin. It helps carry nutrients to the skin and eliminates toxins from the body as no one else can (apart from the fiber). There is no better substitute for water.

Our body needs it to function properly and stay healthy. Almost anyone who drink enough water each day has good skin, and rarely has problems on the skin. Secret 2: Humectate mothers and aunts tell their daughters and nieces that are humecten, humecten and humecten! This is never bad for skin. The hydration of the skin adds a protective barrier to prevent skin dries, irritation, or getting an infection. Hydration is a kind of lubricant such as a bicycle to prevent rust. Stretch marks usually appear because the skin is not sufficiently elastic. As a result, the skin becomes more rusty. Drinking water alone does not go away stretch marks immediately. That’s why you need to hydrate you topically also. Secret 3: Usa protector solar as you already know by now, UV rays are not good for your skin. Not only UV rays can cause skin cancer, but also in general, cause premature aging. When your skin has extensive sun damage, it is unable to do proper repair work, what gives rise to scars and stretch marks. So everytime you leave under the Sun, always use sunscreen.

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