How To Choose And Buy A Guitar

When buying a guitar principal issues are: the type of strings you envision ispolzovatkolichestvo money you can spend on buying synthetic (in the past – the gut) strings are mounted on 'Classical' guitar. Load of such strings two or three times lower than that of metal. A tool such strings should be easy and – inevitably – less durable. 'Classical' guitar 'optimized' by sint.struny it underneath 'Sounds', but metal strings can destroy it very quickly, regardless of the quality and price of the instrument. On the 'classics' is usually played at music schools, it is this guitar teachers recommend for purchase their students. There are exceptions – especially in guitar circles, with no marked 'classical' direction. So this question must necessarily clarify the teacher, if you buy a guitar for graduation. In Russia produce classical guitars under the synthetics.

And they produce – on that synthetics can not be set. Accept as fact. For the initial training, you can use cheap classic models from China and other Asian countries. Despite fragility and ephemerality of most of these tools, they can withstand synthetic strings. Two or three years this guitar could survive (that respects). And during this time or the child does throw a deal, or the contrary – require an instrument class above. Therefore, this guitar not need to be durable. Very common (and good quality) 'classics' – hohner HC-06. There are also two dozen analogs under the brand names Adams, Martinez, Valencia, Amati, Colombo Expensive and is uniquely qualitative – Czech cremona (STRUNAL).