Government Animism

Animism barbarian: the barbarian tribes have lived since always in contact with nature, since they, in essence, are wild. His chief priest has always been the shaman of the tribe, who serves both as a spiritual counselor as Assistant in the Government of the tribal chief. The animistic worship is based on the worship of animals and plants, very close to the druidry. But more than anything, this animism is based on respect for the ancestors, whose souls, as she has always been believed the barbarians, found in nature, in every being live which composed it. The Soldevi Empire, after the barbarian wars, forbade the animism and much of the shamans were executed. However, said that in Mordhrem and other little-known barbarians animism resurgent with force. Worship Siffririano: Is the most widespread cult in Daron and one of the few points of union between humans, Dwarves and elves.

This cult is based on ancient mythology, the Genesis and the great war. The cult siffririano is of great importance both in the elven Kingdom and Empire Soldevi. Is it worshipped the gods of order, having as Supreme God Siffrit, although it is believed that both he and his brother Ghriodja are sons of a still more superior divine entity, although it has not been demonstrated. Their gods are as follows: SIFFRIT: is the Supreme God of the cult siffririano. Both he and Ghriodja, his brother, came to Daron after a long journey throughout the universe, in search of a place where installed (with this, some daronianos of atheistic tendencies historians have begun to think if I dont really these gods are not more than beings from other planets who, taking advantage of their scientific knowledge, created the current world from a wilderness). Unlike his brother, he wanted a world of peace where life will be developed. Siffrit is father of all the gods of the order and creator of the Elves.