Go Beyond

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Sometimes I think that the tendency to self-restraint, based on the previous one, the old experience, characterized by virtually all organisms on the planet. Once the researchers placed a colony of fleas in a jar and close the lid. Not surprising that the fleas in the bank started to ride, constantly banging on the lid. But even the fleas tired all the time to bang your head on an obstacle. They soon "understood" that if a jump to a certain height, it does not hit. They were gallop, so that did not reach to cover half an inch. Wednesday formed a "consciousness" even the fleas. But here's the rub: after removing the cover from the flea jumped banks.

They continued to jump at the height of the lower lid. On the basis of "Life experience" and in accordance with the environment they have continued to limit their own possibilities. The same thing happens with the elephants. When the animal is still at an early age, he tied one of his legs to a tree trunk. No matter how hard he struggles, the young elephant is unable to free himself. Gradually he begins to think that the tree trunk is more powerful than he. When he becomes an adult possessing tremendous strength, rather just to tie ribbon to his young trees, and he will not even attempt to free himself. Like the elephants, our feet are often associated brittle threads.

But from childhood we are getting used to the strength of the trunk and do not dare to fight. Man, trying not to bang your head against the wall, subject to the dictates of life and begins a chain to restrain himself. We play a role imposed on his former life, which is a sledgehammer and a crowbar, its harsh tools, molds our individual truth and self-esteem. Like fleas in the bank, we may not know that the cover has long been lifted, and we have a choice! And today we do not even try to try to do something, pursued by terrifying stories of the news media, our environment, stupid stereotypes and patterns. All this forms a belief about our limitations, puts us in an open bank, where we can not afford the jump. After all, we are quite confident that this venture will bring us only bruises and abrasions. "Life is not a philosophy, it is not a problem, it is no secret! You must not live in a certain pattern, not in accordance with some conventions so that you talked about it! You have to start all over themselves. Everyone should thinking, as if he was the first man on earth, as if he or Adam Eve. Then you'll open the infinite possibilities! Your approach acts as a barrier, life comes to you as it is, she is forced to fit into your philosophy, religion, ideology, and in the process of it that is dying! This approach does not allow you to meet life as it really is, it is distorted, it intropretiruetsya 'Osho Bhagwan It Our true potential is limitless. Your true potential is limitless. It's time to try to go beyond.


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