General Gratyan Bertran

Napoleon Bonaparte died on May 5 1821 17.49. e to the same conclusion. Longwood Manor in Mr. Speaking candidly real-estate developer told us the story. House in St. Helena in the South Atlantic. The next dn doctors, making the opening, announced that he had died from 'disorder, which led to cancer. "Indeed, the deceased did not different health, and in recent months unasal literally glazah.Vrachi servants and noted more than 30 symptoms that come and go in different sochetaniyah.Rech include, in particular, the uncontrolled weight gain, loss body hair, swollen feet, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headache, wobbly teeth, bleeding of the gums, weakness in legs, hearing loss, vision loss and constant thirst.

Zadesya weeks before his death, Napoleon Italian physician Francesco Antommarki anxiously n The Emperor wrote that it is normally felt on February 21, sudden burning sensation in retsediv.Shoy kashl.Rvota.Chuvstvo zhivote.Obschee .. unbearable heartburn with excruciating thirst. "The next day, the patient's condition deteriorated, 'cough became stronger and the painful nausea did not prekroschalas to seven in the morning." Desperate doctor tried to clear the body of the patient emetic and purgative, especially calomel (mercuric chloride). After th horse dose received by May 3, Napoleon had a stroke and lost consciousness. "I could not even swallow 'vtominaet-witness, General Gratyan Bertran.Imperator died two days later, without leaving komy.Ego buried on about. St. Helena, and in 1840 solemnly transported dust in Paris, where he was placed in a sarcophagus of red porphyry in the middle of Invalides. At the time of Napoleon's death, and after not more 130let e No one questioned the definitive diagnosis of physicians: historical essays argued that he died of stomach cancer.