Gallegos Nava

Ramon Gallegos Nava, well as the dialogue of experiences of teachers and classmates in which the theme was universal love. In Satsang, also enjoy of the Chapala Lake, vegetation, birds, wind, rain and especially of myself, this experience became a reflection and ratification of a sense for live, valuing every moment of life appreciating the gifts that this gives me. In Satsang reconfirm, that to acquire peace in a correct manner, must be made through inquiry of self through meditation, because the source of all this in our own being, this experience is for me a continuous search for true happiness, but it is important to point out that I am confused with my thought, which I’m in the process of understanding that my Code of beliefs has a beginning and a fine. What me this help in the search for myself is through my silence, which gives me the opportunity to really know me, and thus direct my mind towards my inside where my being, my consciousness and my happiness, to feel accomplished and break the slavery of the search for something that you already this in my peace. CONCLUSIONS in conclusion let us remember that you intelligence spirituality is at the heart of education holistic, spirituality to be a direct and immediate experience in the knowledge that we belong to a whole, having a sense of universal love, thus achieving full realization allowing us to attain enlightenment by freeing us from suffering.

Spiritual, by what intelligence is a penetrative vision that dissipates us uncertainty through discernment deep taking as support equanimity, protruding from the ego and translating this into clarity, well-being, freedom, joy, responsibility, love, etc. Therefore the spirituality is transcendent, by being more beyond of empirical reality, mental ideas, so it transcends to the fisiosfera, biosphere and noosphere.