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Emo music and style It's an odd four-letter word comes from the English "emotion" – emotions. From this it is easy to guess that the expression of emotion – that's the adherents of this subculture. Emo began its existence as musical direction in the 80s in the West. This music includes a variety of styles: hardcore, indie, punk rock … emo song is heartbreaking lyrics about unrequited love, injustice, cruelty and violence, and all this accompanied by crying, moaning, screaming, hysterical whisper.

"My Chemical Romance", "From First to Last", "Yage", "From Autumn to Ashes"-that's brilliant representatives of this style. From the domestic one can listen to the group "Maio" and their song "I'm crying …" Along with the music there and devoted fans with his own style and vision – emo kidy ("emo-kids", or "emo kids"). They say that these emo (or "labor-emo") must be streyteydzherami, that is to promote a healthy lifestyle. They say "No" to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and promiscuity. Emo – it's the guys with black hair and long bangs covering half her face, Girl with a bright shiny pins. They wear tight jeans, sneakers, purses, map- over his shoulder, vests with diamonds, striped scarves, lots of colorful icons and wristbands, socks, stuffed animals, pink sweater with the image of broken hearts.

Add to this, and all kinds of piercings, "tunnels" (large holes in the ears, which can be seen in the world). Special emo shops there. To create an image of emo clothes compile from the glamorous boutiques with bagatelles of sewage and second-hand. Sometimes the shirts by hand decorates acrylic paints or picture book in the breakfast room (which happens rarely). Emo love pictures and love to show their photo emo friends. These photos are sad, they do not smile emo, so creating impression that these are people shutting solely on your inner world. Every emo has a personal story of unrequited love and unfulfilled dreams. Emo does not drink coffee and Coke, because stake – an artificial drink, and he badly affects the mind, and coffee at all akin to drugs. Emo prefer "Jaguar, Redds, Ed Davey," a beer with grenadine, and vodka. redbul and sometimes apricot juice. The average Emo Kid – 12-16 years. Indicators of this period coincide with the signs of emo culture – the need for self-expression, heightened sense of injustice, prejudice, loneliness and sensual disposition. For black clothes emo confused with the Goths, on that very last offense. Emo kidov repel violence and rationality of the adult world. They oppose the materialism of the adult and the severity of the natural feelings and emotions. These emo believe that emotion – it's the only thing that man is present and genuine. Weeping, they are not shy, he is welcome, as causeless laughter. Here they are, children are now popular emo culture. Our portal is fully dedicated to the emo subculture, music, style of dress and life philosophy of emo. Here there is everything: images, photos, wallpapers, avatars, icons, music that is free to download.

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