Emily Dickson

The puritanos if found with the mission to establish a land, and were conducted by the bible, fact that delayed U.S.A. literally due the restrictions and prohibitions of time, as for example it was forbidden to read Shakespeare therefore corrupted the values of the society. The countries of America alone had created an identity after independence, moment at which literature suffered a transistion from historical for aesthetic, consolidating an independent literature in all the country. The consolidation of an aesthetic literature of the two countries occurred in the period of the romantismo. In Brazil the implantation of the romantismo this on one to the project of national construction, where the authors if put in charge of the renewal them literary standards, had made it as who fulfilled a mission civilizadora, contributing to endow the new country with national an original expression and legitimizes of the feeling. In U.S.A.

the consolidation of literature had three writers as responsible for such act; Edgar Alan Poe, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickson.Com the end of the American dream after independence, perceives that the world is not only of the winners, who are also of the excluded ones or failing. industrialization generated poverty, unemployment and more excluded, to survive the people if they became one it schemes, working about 18 hours per day, did not have time for nothing, to only work. These three writers took off the man of its slavery of the society, nailing the conscience for the humanity. Having as main ingredient the imagination and the plurisignificatividade, with the value of the interpretation. The writers of the romantismo American north had an only project more with different vises to portray the soul human being. Having base that the romantismo is a movement that nails extreme freedom, where predominates it imagination on the reason, appears in U.S.A. three essentially equal literary projects more aesthetic different. Edgar Alan Poe this tied idea that the society is extremely bitter, and enxerga the world through the grotesco and of the terror.

However although to be the first writer famous of American literature north, and considered the father of the story in U.S.A., Poe lives the disillusion of not being recognized in its native land. Edgar Alan Poe is a peripheral writer and goes to direct its workmanships to the people excluded socially, showing that the man lost its humanity and changedded itself into schemes. Poe deals with perpetual subjects, it to live in society generates a perpetual exaggeration, the poet runs away from this exaggeration through the drink, and finishes dying of eats alcoholic. Emily Dickson nails the contact with the nature as escape of the society valuing the solitude. It unmasks the society showing the essence conflict and appreciates, affirming that who lives of appearance is the livings creature. The nature for Emily is a place of harmony and innocence in contrast of the city where corruption of physical and psychological values exists. Whereas Walt withiman nails a proper search of itself valuing the egoism through I. Walt Whitman establishes an escape through the time (oldness) with the idea of living the life intensely. The poet is endowed with an extreme individuality, proves of this is its poem song of me exactly, I sing where it is an idea of expression of soul. Whitman nails to the exploitation of the life, carpe dien, therefore the gift is always bad and the future will be better that the past. These three writers had taken each one its way the society to reflect on the problems of the time, therefore nothing he is perpetual.