Dark Matter Universe

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“Dark energy – the amazing phenomenon of nature – was first discovered in observations of supernova that flared away from us, halfway to the horizon of the world. Dark energy makes ‘universal antigravitation’, which manifested in the accelerated expansion of the universe as a whole. According to this global effect of dark energy was discovered by two international teams of cosmologists observer in 1998-99. “” What are the properties of dark matter and dark energy? What are the cosmological evidence of their existence? What does it say in terms of physics of the microworld? What are the prospects for the study of dark matter and dark energy in the Earth’s environment? Universe expanding: the galaxies even further removed from each other. The space is stretched in all directions, and the farther away from us is one or another galaxy, the faster it is receding from us. Today, the pace of this expansion is limited: all distances will double in about 15 billion years, but before the expansion rate was much higher. The density of matter in the universe decreases with time, and in the future the Universe will become more and more tenuous. On the contrary, early universe was much denser than it is now.

On the expansion of the universe is direct evidence “red” light emitted by distant galaxies or bright stars: because the total length of the extension space wavelength of light increases at a time, until he flies to us. This phenomenon has been established by E. Hubble in 1927 and served as observational evidence of the expanding universe, predicted three years before Alexander Friedman. The essence of dark energy is a subject of controversy. It is known that it is very evenly distributed, has low density, and does not interact with any known through much of the fundamental types interaction – with the exception of gravity. The main feature of the “dark” energy, which is something we can tell, it’s surprising connection energy expansion of the universe (anti-gravity) with the phenomenon of gravitation. Can refer to the well-known popularizer of physics Paul Davies. ” If at the moment (the birth of the universe, the author), corresponding to 1 seconds, the rate of expansion would differ from its actual value by more than 10-18, this would be sufficient for the complete destruction of balance (gravity and anti-gravity, author). From the above, all three authors cited in the references, it should be only one, but it is very hard conclusion: in order to know the nature of the dark energy, it is necessary to know the nature (essence or cause) of gravity, which explored much more fully and since the time of Kepler, Newton. A new look at the nature of gravity, if not strange, provides the ability of light to spread in “Physical vacuum”. While other vacuum does not exist. The term “vacuum” is very unfortunate. Replace it with the notion of protection of the universe, which just and responsible, and for dark energy and for dark matter.


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