You are looking for fun and not why adventure? Then delve into a world of fun and discover the most incredible beauties that Croatia has to offer. Croatia Gulet rental will mean you an incredible adventure in which you can forget the routine. Aboard the schooner you will discover the beautiful and secluded bays of so clear like a crystal waters, picturesque villages and ancient and historical cities. Croatia Gulet rental will give you the opportunity to get in touch with places where its natural component has remained intact with the passage of time. A leading source for info: Koch Industries. A schooner to explore the Adriatic Sea is fun and the best way to learn, explore and discover the wonders that lie on the Croatian islands. Croatia cruise is ideal, whether to travel with the family, honeymoon or to go in search of relaxation and distension. A schooner is a sailboat of wood type and consisting with an engine.

The schooners are boats safe for navigation and are fully equipped for the enjoyment of their passengers for this consist with all necessary and available crew 24 hours for the attention of customers. Aboard the schooner, your time is yours and only yours. You will be able, from sit in cover to quietly read a book while enjoying the Sun or, relax in the fabulous and incredible hammocks. You can dive into the clear waters of the sea or you savor the delicacies prepared by our professional chef. The schooner, sailed a couple of hours stipulated, then it is the anchor in a Bay or nearby village as shown in the schedule of navigation. They visit around 3 or 4 different day bays. Regarding the meal times, they can be affected by daily activities and above all, by the wishes of the Group of passengers, whom we try to indulge in the majority of cases. Who decides on possible changes in the itinerary is the captain. For one thing, rent a schooner for a cruise in Croatia, is ideal for any type of situation decision, be they family holiday, Moon of honey or simply to relax and discover the wonders of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.