Coffee Romance

Love love, but to sit opposite each other and can podnadoest. Or cherished dream of a loved one. No, it's no good. We must invite him to some time. The mass of options. Here is a list of 'classic' and a place for spending time sharing.

Trite movie, as standard, but not tested by many generations. For the first date bad that during the session does not communicate, but it's good that you can then discuss the film and become better acquainted. For subsequent visits – places for kissing). And this is the most bloodless version of the meeting in the event that a partner does not cause particular sympathy, but insisted to see. Similar to the theater a movie, but more 'intelligent' and romantic. Meeting in the movie is more democratic – popcorn, cola, comfortable chairs, large screen and a thin atmosphere, the air of the theater more tense: binoculars, a scene, sometimes too serious audience in Generally, wherever there are pluses and minuses.

Good concert. Very good. Span – from the conservatory to contemporary music. In any case, the music sets a positive and often the most compromise. You can still go to the concert performances. You do not care where to kiss, and novice dancers nice. Cafes, Coffee Romance! Casual conversation over a cup of coffee, sharing and insanely intricate absorption delicious desserts, cozy atmosphere, in general, if two people there to talk about, then meeting will be held at the 'cheers'. Restaurant A 'heavy' version of the cafe.