Children Appear

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The children are featured in the relationship with your partner as a condition that brings a number of changes in the context of the couple, from physical space, amending schedules, sleep, expenses and distribution of the money. Also the times and interests. Schemas and forms of psychological representation also suffer transformations, we went from being the couple, a you and I, to become a we. We will be parents or mothers of a creature who comes to give a different relationship dynamic couple. Now the newest member of the family ranks all psychological and emotional partner, for that reason, I use the term appear, appear on the physical, psychological and emotional terrain of the couple. The newest member of the couple, who now is family or triad, happen to dominates conversations, yes ate, yes yes no, slept more, less, the predawn are not left waiting.

Change in break times change the power night is exhausting, not establish, in no way, yes it is positive or negative, happening, since the third party in the couple has own needs, which is necessary to cover, regardless of the conditions of adults, called father or mother. Now, the newest member of the family raises demands and needs that have to be covered regardless of the self we are tired, depressed, happy or have many things that make the baby is hungry and needs to eat regardless of what I want or need, or what the couple wants or is human life requires care, the fragility and vulnerability of this condition of a great dependence requires a large investment of energy, we require feeding it, but not just in the food issue, but emotional, physical, and contact. The son who arrives and appears in the lives of couples, is a singular, sometimes comforting event, others, not so much, finally Yes we have decided have them, will have to assume responsibly and constructively.


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