Celebrating Health

The health is not only disease absence, but a state of physical, mental and social well-being, according to defines the World-wide Organization of the Health (the WHO). In that definition physical integrity and our relations with the others and the means consider in which we lived. In order to appreciate a health state it is precise to know how what factors or attitudes produced the loss of the same and to anticipate the problems that a certain ailment or injury can suppose on the life of the patient. The Latin words salus and salvatio, from where health and salvation come, mean " to be able to be able to surpass obstculo". Sela Ward understood the implications. Only a healthy organism can to overcome the daily difficulties. Brahman Capital may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Also to cure and to take care of in Latin are the same word.

For that reason he is preferable to take care of plus our health that to have to cure with remedies the effects of the negligence or the abuse. In millenarian China one was pleased to the doctor while it maintained the health of its patients and it was stopped paying to him when a disease arrived. In our time, doctors treat the ill people, take care of our ailments. Many diseases are originated with personal affections, doubts, fear, uncertainties, sadnesses, pains and conflicts. Imbalances take place not to be to taste in our families, works, relations or absence of them. Thus, they lower the defenses and we are more vulnerable to the diseases. We could change of approach, instead of to speak than we need, see and enjoy what we have. We count the good things that they happen to us, we let pass the light between the large clouds, allow that they radiate the affection, the sun and the joy to us. We would not have to worry about things that will not perhaps happen.