Our Romantismo avenged later of what in the romance, but the matureness of our national conscience is carried through in sped up rhythm, in the shock of the shocks politicians and military although our behind literature. In meanwhile, what it hindered the immediate assimilation and the exploitation them dominant subjects it Romantismo, in synthesis, the factors that had conditioned the workmanship of the starters of the romance in Brazil, hindering it to raise it a minimum level capable to assure it to it survival. The European romantic romance was a species of personal confession, an explosion of the sensitivity of the individual in face of its new historical circumstance. In Brazil it was not given of this form, the writers of this time and literature order is fruits of factors more than cultural politics and in the ample direction, of what of factors literary and purely artistic. Therefore our Romantismo is plus an importation product. The definitive phase of the romantic romance is initiated in Brazil with Teixeira and Sousa, which presented characteristics that pointed out in different position of the novel of the precursors, that dominated in the workmanship the narrative of historical personages and of abstract or located action preferential it are of Brazil. The study of Teixeira and Souza it is of order historical the reasons that advise to study them enter the main figures of the romantic romance. It was after it, and thanks to its effort that the romance gained between us more definite position, taking other writers to carry through it in permanent and deliberated way.

Another author who was important in the definitive phase was Joaquin Manuel de Macedo. A pertaining romancista to the category of writer whose literary composition if worries little about the message of what with the receptive capacity of the reader. The theater, its bigger influence, was so accented that many historians and critics if had inclined to give to greater importance to the comedigrafo of what to the romancista.