Bodrum Castle

Nightclub Halikarnas (Halikarnas Night Club) – the pearl of the night club scene, the largest, most spectacular, most luxurious disco, not only of Bodrum and Turkey. She was the envy of the best clubs in Europe. Halikarnas – it a huge disco in the open air, which is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the sea and Bodrum Castle. He is among the five largest discotheques in Europe – on the dance floor it can easily be placed 5000 man! It hosts the world's best laser shows, are the well-known musicians, dancers and DJ. Bodrum is located on the site of the ancient city of Halikarnas, after whom is named and a disco. Designed in the style of the club ancient amphitheater.

This disco is very popular for its regular party gathers young people from different parts of Turkey, many visitors come specifically from all over Europe. Their guests Halikarnas offers plenty of entertainment – dance and laser shows, magic shows, contests with a variety of gifts and awards, speeches of famous Turkish artists and musicians and guest DJs from around the world, colorful Fireworks … and much much more … Parties take place every night and they all resemble one another …. Addresses the most famous DJ-s will make the world dance you all night long, and those who are tired can always relax in the lobby or the cafe. On Fridays and Saturdays are held foam party FOAM PARTY.

It is simply unforgettable, dance to his neck in the foam! At 2.00 am, roll out onto the stage and entire audience penometateli poured foam on top, while its level is not reaches five feet or more. People off in full. Dancing in a sea of foam! These feelings can not be compared with anything! Disco dance floor is located in the open air on the coast, thanks to the guests are not afraid stuffy private clubs – the easy fresh sea breeze will give you a pleasant cool and takes you into the story of Turkish night. In the black Mediterranean night sky under the deafening music in the splendid fairy-like show cross colored lights and spotlights thin threads of lasers. By law, show the "Halikarnas" are considered the most spectacular laser show in the world!