Berlin Reflections

Also on this disc includes six video clips and a bonus track: "live" performance of Little Drummerboy in Warsaw in 1999. By early 2002 the group has been brewing crisis because of uneasy relations between the musicians ended leaving Max Lili. During a speech at the 2003 Maksidrome again came on the scene Antero Manninen, and for the drum kit sat Mikko Siren (Mikko Siren), which are now participate in live performances of the group. Reflections album in March 2003 saw the release of new album Reflections, which shows only your own stuff Apocalyptica, written mostly Eicca. Three things on this album written Perttu. In recording five tracks involved Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. In the autumn came out a special edition of Reflections – Reflections Revised, which includes CD and DVD. In 2003, Apocalyptica visited Moscow at the festival "Maksidrom-2003", as well as in several European Festivals.

The group also went on tour in Mexico, and in August performed at Viva Overdrive show in Berlin, where she performed the song with Sandra Nasich Path, and Linda Sanbland (Lambretta) song Faraway. In early 2004, the Apocalyptica were employed in various projects. Perttu, together with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra went on tour in Argentina and Brazil. Paavo continued his teaching career. Eicca doing a new project Sheet-music. Also the first half of the year was devoted to work on a new, fifth album. In August and September, a group once again gave a few shows at European festivals (Heitere Open Air, Highfield Open Air, Metal Camp, Huntenpop and others).