Autoglasses Driver

Vision of the road in low visibility conditions caused by such dangerous weather conditions like fog, should be done with great care. Fog not only closes the guide and impairs visibility, but also changes color almost all colors except red. The driver should remember that the yellow color under these conditions seems to reddish green becomes yellow, and all items are available somewhere in the double removed compared with reality. When you turn on external vehicle lighting can make a marked improvement, presumably because the external particles reflect light in the fog. When driving in these conditions should be always include fog lights, a light which goes between the road and the fog, allowing the driver to better see things through. With the lighting of external devices is to include lighting and license plate, as well as marker lights. As for the headlights, the safer use dipped headlights.

Travel speed should be safe, sometimes about 5-10 km / h and visibility of less than 0.5 m to stop. If you have parked closer to cuddle the right side of the carriageway of the road and not turn off the lights. You should not overtake the car in the fog, even when the driver of the road seems to be completely free. When driving in such weather conditions it is necessary to adhere to the right side and focus on the edges of sidewalks, curbs of the road, the edge of pavement or curb. In the fog the road surface is wet, respectively, increases the braking distance. So brake must be combined by: engine, reducing transmission, and brakes, gently pressing and releasing the brake. When fog visibility is deteriorating and the mirrors, so you can choose any leading auto and go for it. We must always remember that safety in the mist does not depend on a car and driver from liability.