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Martial formation for Children What is? It is the adaptation of the practice of oriented formation for the martial one to children from the 4 years. It uses the game like vehicle of transmission of values and educative slight knowledge. One is a noncompetitive practice in which the unique challenge is the diversion, group integration and the physical improvements. Martial art arises and it is inspired by this old Eastern conception and indeed bases his development on that subtle ordering , the smooth passage from a state to another one, on the continuous and permanent movement of happening of the Yin in Yang, and vice versa. It are expressed like a succession of movements, circular and continuous that take to us towards a Way of Self-knowledge from the own experience and of the sensations that the same wake up in our body.

This is the reason for which to this original martial art of China and its millenarian wisdom, a life philosophy is also known like Martial Art Interno.Es that demonstrates deep respect by the Nature, we ourself and our resemblances. Practiced it leads daily us to the culture of the Art of the Longevity, since beyond the dominion of a defense technique or attacks, it develops to the balance Body, Mind and Spirit. In that search of harmony one works with the internal energy or vital of the people (Chi), as of a sequence of smooth and aesthetic movements that combine the mental and physical exercise with a deep and slowed down breathing. The meditation collaborates that the boy, obtains a greater intellectual development in the School Benefits Harmonic development of the emotional and motor abilities. Increase of the concentration. Dominion of the body. Increase of the personal security. Group integration.

Unloading of emotions and energy. Diversion heals and culture of comprehensive and not-violent values. Customized work on infantile fears and other traumas.