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How do we know that if we touched the Spirit of God? On this there are words of the Apostle Paul, who says that the Spirit is known by its fruit. When we visited the Spirit of God – a difficult situation in life Simplify, becomes simple and clear. Complex problem easily solved. Permanent solution to the increasingly complex challenges strengthens our spiritual 'muscles' genius and creates in him the fruit of the Spirit: love, loyalty, patience, genuine simplicity and humility (Acts 2, 46, 2 nd Korinfyanam11, 3). The top of this form of personality – a person who at any desired moment calls the Spirit of God and God's illumination, illuminated descended on him Holy Spirit.

Brilliantly simple he reveals his talent (genius reserves) and quickly solve any complicated problems of life and creativity. Knowing the truth (divine simplicity), he becomes a free and creative genius Man! Person who owns Brilliantly simple 'magic' key to unlocking any complex locks life. All Simply brilliant creation. All the ingenious creation of the Vital – Divine simple! From here the assertion all Genius – just! But to be so simple is incredibly difficult. Need a gigantic work, work on himself. It is important to understand that we are sometimes unnecessarily complicate themselves, achieve their goals and their lives. Life is change, if not to complicate themselves and their lives (for us it will make life itself).

Need not "complicate yourself", not "play" themselves, not to pretend, just be yourself. Just live and grow naturally, ie, be easier. Need not to complicate the achievement of the Millennium, and just simplifies problem. Simple, with the help of God, and in human terms, ie morally, to solve these problems. If you dream of your simple and childishly pure, then some higher power to help implement it and achieve goals. Many people are helped and helps in life. Children instantly determine a good man and the meaning of communication emotional resonance. We have to learn this in children. Emotional resonance reflects the strength and quality: people's ability to empathize, social need "for others" and the possibilities to meet and achieve goals. Emotional resonance is a measure of any works of genius: architecture, music, painting, general art, science and culture. For example, the criterion for a brilliant canon of the temple, its beauty, is the emotional resonance of the architect. Brilliant hramostroiteli from inside the temple, are set to sensually aesthetic perception of quality built the temple. Architectural masterpieces necessarily lead them into a state of aesthetic delight. Long experience of such a peer review allows an artist of genius to determine the canonicity of the temple on the stage conceptual design, resulting in (or leading) them in a state of emotional resonance. Factor of the resonant content of this kind of "third signal system" is confirmed by numerous individuals experiments. Dostoevsky wrote that beauty will save the world. Brilliant simplicity and beauty, constructed according to the laws and canons of emotional resonance, and various organizations, including the Company and as a temple, and ever Spirituality joint moral creativity, ultimately, save mankind.


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