What Should You Wear For Carnival?

Follow with the Carnival costume fashion trend or again classic go to the party? One wonders that if the Carnival season begins again. A tip: In recent years we have seen increasingly, that many people no longer want to wear the classic costume, such as E.g. Cowboy, although this topic has proven again and again over the years. The trend in recent years were the 60 he 70 ger years, and the time of hippies. Advantage of this costume is one not discreetly in the crowd stands, but striking with brightly coloured costumes and wigs.

We remind us of garish pink hip costumes with orange or bright red wig, and the twosome. This is then not just boring. Through movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” the pirate costumes were highly sought after, of course if you also either wanted to look so like the popular actor (who was that again? well..) or you chose something unusual. Little Red Riding Hood costumes are ideal for delicate built women (and girls), that is something special. Well, we’re very curious to see how developed the topic of swine flu during the Carnival and the Carnival costume. Carnival costumes to this topic it does not lack Yes. Perhaps such plush costumes also protect against infection? Rather less, but safe from a cold. Who yet again want to go as a polar bear (the Knut is an adult so now), which should in time with a polar bear costume cover themselves.

All Carnival costumes around the middle ages are always popular and also variable. There are Yes Lords of the Castle, noble ladies, also the Knights, as the panels from ancient times, the simple farmer who unfortunately was able to celebrate Carnival not during his lifetime, the market woman or even the children had to work at these times already. Except for Carnival, these costumes for medieval festivals are to use. We remember that you had access at Knight parties E.g. on the Burg Hanstein in disguise without admission. It’s worth it. In the internet many great costumes can be found, keep in mind that popular I had can be so described quickly sold out costumes – themes. So: Who comes too late… well then stop wearing a different costume at Carnival, life punishes anyone then. But it would be a pity… Joachim Hirschmann


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