Thailand Visa

Before going to Thailand, many are concerned about visas. Information on the Internet a lot, but it is all scattered and sometimes difficult to find clear answers to simple questions: Do I need a visa to Thailand for the Russians? How many days is valid visa stamp? What do I do with a visa, if I plan to stay in Thailand for a long time? What distinguishes the tourist visa to Thailand from other types of visas? Where can I apply for a visa in Thailand? What documents do I need? How much does it cost? As fill out the form for a visa? etc. So now all the latest information about visas to Thailand in one place. If you are not convinced, visit Koch Industries. Do I need to Russian citizens for entry to Thailand to get a visa? No. Citizens of Russia can be up to 30 days in the territory Thailand without a visa stamp on inbound tourism. Required documents: passport, valid for at least six months from date of entry into TaylandVyezdnye tickets from Thailand within 30 days. It can be as backward Tickets to Russia, and in any other stranu.Chto do if I plan to travel to Thailand more than 30 days? Get a tourist visa to Thailand before the Thai consulate in Russia to get a tourist visa at the Thai any country where there is konsulstvoposolstvo Thailand.

3. Make monthly trips Visa Run (Visa Run) in neighboring Thailand to upgrade the country visa-free tourist visas shtampa.Kakie types in Thailand are there? Single Visa for 3 mesyatsa.Dvuhkratnaya visa for 6 months. Multivisa. Allows you to repeatedly enter and leave Thailand during the period of vizy.Kakie documents are required for a visa to Thailand in Russia? Passport valid for at least 6 mesyatsevZapolnennaya questionnaire vizy.Fotografiya size (4×6 cm) on a blue or white – 2 sht.Podtverzhdenie to leave the Kingdom of Thailand (confirmed air ticket, fully paid) Proof of financial status (20,000 baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family) Certificate of employment (for employees) Copies of the Russian and zagranpasporta.Kakie documents are required to obtain a visa to Thailand in Thai consulate who are not in Russia? In this case, smaller set of documents: passport valid for at least 6 months completed application form for a visa. Photo size (4×6 cm) on a blue or white – 2 pcs. Copy zagranpasportKak correctly completed application form for a visa in Thailand? Sample questionnaires, a Thai visa, translated into Russian yazyk.Skolko visa cost in Thailand? For Russians, to the end of March 2011 tourist visa to Thailand Visa is issued besplatno.Chto Run (Visa Run)? So is a trip to cross the Thai border in order to upgrade the tourist visa stamp. In Thailand, such a procedure is very popular. The trip can be done independently (Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and other countries), or use the services of travel agencies that offer tour 'Visa Run', the term is sometimes Visa Run are due to travel from Thailand to neighboring countries not to upgrade stamp, but in order to obtain a tourist visa at the Thai consulate.


You are looking for fun and not why adventure? Then delve into a world of fun and discover the most incredible beauties that Croatia has to offer. Croatia Gulet rental will mean you an incredible adventure in which you can forget the routine. Aboard the schooner you will discover the beautiful and secluded bays of so clear like a crystal waters, picturesque villages and ancient and historical cities. Croatia Gulet rental will give you the opportunity to get in touch with places where its natural component has remained intact with the passage of time. A leading source for info: Koch Industries. A schooner to explore the Adriatic Sea is fun and the best way to learn, explore and discover the wonders that lie on the Croatian islands. Croatia cruise is ideal, whether to travel with the family, honeymoon or to go in search of relaxation and distension. A schooner is a sailboat of wood type and consisting with an engine.

The schooners are boats safe for navigation and are fully equipped for the enjoyment of their passengers for this consist with all necessary and available crew 24 hours for the attention of customers. Aboard the schooner, your time is yours and only yours. You will be able, from sit in cover to quietly read a book while enjoying the Sun or, relax in the fabulous and incredible hammocks. You can dive into the clear waters of the sea or you savor the delicacies prepared by our professional chef. The schooner, sailed a couple of hours stipulated, then it is the anchor in a Bay or nearby village as shown in the schedule of navigation. They visit around 3 or 4 different day bays. Regarding the meal times, they can be affected by daily activities and above all, by the wishes of the Group of passengers, whom we try to indulge in the majority of cases. Who decides on possible changes in the itinerary is the captain. For one thing, rent a schooner for a cruise in Croatia, is ideal for any type of situation decision, be they family holiday, Moon of honey or simply to relax and discover the wonders of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.

Winter Travel Venice

Venice, known for its canals and for the Carnival of Venice, is a city that is visited throughout the year. Although the best period to visit this magnificent city is winter, avoiding crowds, to live the authentic Venetian atmosphere, find cheap flights to Venice and hotels. In Venice, the risk of high water (high tide) is frequent during autumn and winter, although not this not should prohibit visiting the town. Water not grows every day, and when it does, it lasts only a few hours, especially in the area of Piazza San Marco, the lowest point of Venice. So prepare your suitcase starting with a good Waterproof footwear and warm clothes and step into the fog that envelops the entire city. Winter in Venice is cool, with icy winds coming from the sea, quiet streets, seen through the mist and hot chocolate! During the cold no perderse Venetian chocolate with whipped cream. Viziovirtu, situated in San Toma in Campaniel Street, 15 minutes walk from the Piazza San Marco, is one of the best chocolate of Venice, with a menu that includes delicious chocolates to Cup Classic or spices. Real-estate developer usually is spot on. As the winter days are short, better leave early in the morning to visit Venice and in the evenings enjoy its restaurants or a wine bar to taste excellent Italian wines in a romantic atmosphere.

If something has good travel in winter, we get travel for less. The hotels are cheaper and are low cost to Venice flights. To the issue of accommodation, it is easy to find bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels in Venice. Notable among the hotels in Venice: Hotel Stella Alpina, Locanda Herion, Hotel Rio, Hotel Reiter and Hotel La Meridiana. Hotel Stella Alpina Venice is located near the main train station and the Grand Canal.

This four-storey hotel is in a quiet area of the historic centre of Venice, just 5 minutes from the Venice Casino. The Locanda Herion is situated in the characteristic Cannaregio area, a few minutes from the station of trains Santa Lucia. The main feature of this hotel is the game of communicating terraces, which are transformed into tiny hanging gardens. The River hotel is in a lively area in the heart of Venice, near Saint Mark’s square and within walking distance of the stop San Zaccaria vaporetto (waterbus). Many of the rooms of the hotel were formerly occupied by composer Antonio Vivaldi. Reiter hotel enjoys an excellent location in Venice Lido, just 200 metres from the waterbus from Venice station Lido and 10 minutes from St. Mark’s square by vaporetto. Hotel La Meridiana is located in the heart of Venice Lido, just 100 metres from the beach and 500 metres from the Palace of the Venice Film Festival. This Venice hotel dates back to the 1930s and has recently been restructured. Photo by gianfrancopetrella on flickr.

Virtual Travel

" It is in this sense, Russian-speakers used the terms 'virtual travel' in classical mechanics and the 'virtual particles' in quantum field theory. But in English word virtual has long had a broader meaning (its first meaning – "an actual, real ', and virtuality originally prevodilos as' the essence, being an actual party' and only then – as a 'virtual'). What is virtuality and what is its function in the modern world? According to the author Virtuality – a necessary and inevitable function of protecting the brain of modern man from an influx of information, the real world. AND the root cause of such a notion in the modern world makes excessive demands for bandwidth, "the real world – the human brain." Scientific and technical progress in information technology only contributes to the development of virtuality. And what virtuality is better than reality? Reality is a cruel world where we are constantly witnessing the collapse of the hopes, the destruction of happiness, long way to go Fortunately, and an instant loss of his reasons for not depending on you. To achieve what you need to work hard. Lose all very simple. Reality is one at all.

In reality you are – just a fraction of the atom is almost no influence (for With rare exceptions) to the reality as a whole. To broaden your perception, visit Koch Industries. It's all a reality. Now let us compare with virtuality. In the virtual center of the universe you are. You can always find a virtuality, where you are the center of the universe, or at least very important it component.

Bodrum Castle

Nightclub Halikarnas (Halikarnas Night Club) – the pearl of the night club scene, the largest, most spectacular, most luxurious disco, not only of Bodrum and Turkey. She was the envy of the best clubs in Europe. Halikarnas – it a huge disco in the open air, which is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the sea and Bodrum Castle. He is among the five largest discotheques in Europe – on the dance floor it can easily be placed 5000 man! It hosts the world's best laser shows, are the well-known musicians, dancers and DJ. Bodrum is located on the site of the ancient city of Halikarnas, after whom is named and a disco. Designed in the style of the club ancient amphitheater.

This disco is very popular for its regular party gathers young people from different parts of Turkey, many visitors come specifically from all over Europe. Their guests Halikarnas offers plenty of entertainment – dance and laser shows, magic shows, contests with a variety of gifts and awards, speeches of famous Turkish artists and musicians and guest DJs from around the world, colorful Fireworks … and much much more … Parties take place every night and they all resemble one another …. Addresses the most famous DJ-s will make the world dance you all night long, and those who are tired can always relax in the lobby or the cafe. On Fridays and Saturdays are held foam party FOAM PARTY.

It is simply unforgettable, dance to his neck in the foam! At 2.00 am, roll out onto the stage and entire audience penometateli poured foam on top, while its level is not reaches five feet or more. People off in full. Dancing in a sea of foam! These feelings can not be compared with anything! Disco dance floor is located in the open air on the coast, thanks to the guests are not afraid stuffy private clubs – the easy fresh sea breeze will give you a pleasant cool and takes you into the story of Turkish night. In the black Mediterranean night sky under the deafening music in the splendid fairy-like show cross colored lights and spotlights thin threads of lasers. By law, show the "Halikarnas" are considered the most spectacular laser show in the world!