University Week

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Support you in school. The teacher can help talking in class about good dietary practices or favoring new physical activities in class. Remember that the intervention should be comprehensive. Take it to an extracurricular activity. There has been participating in an extracurricular activity most 2 days a week, not only promotes your health that promotes […]

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Professor Valdemar Setzer

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Yes. He seems I exaggerate, but despite I do not need, beginning this text of alert protest and with some phrases of people who partilham of this indignation. They see. Opinion of who sees the TV without masks, cruel naked and ‘ ‘ The TV is a physical and mental entorpecimento constante’ ‘ – Professor […]


The Actor

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And with regard to this last login a question: how would our behavior before all those parallel universes?. With which leads me to propose another hypothesis, which is similar to other approaches that have been made: I would say that each person, or the right thing would be to say every being, lives in a […]

Visiting Marrakech

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It is one of the most famous mountain in Morocco and is located near the city of Marrakech. Timahdite is another fantastic mountain region, near Ifrane. There, visitors will find another fantastic Resort, located about 1,800 meters altitude, and can enjoy spectacular scenery in the heart of the Middle Atlas. Travelers who visit the mountain […]


Venezuela Melilla

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Samuel's older brother was born in Venezuela Melilla and his brother Mario was born, the family musicologist, in the same place that has given shelter and nationality after their four children: Jim Alain, Ariane Sara, Daniel Nissim and Annette who Thamara emulated her mother for those things of fate. 1936 was a difficult time, war […]

Ah, The Wedding

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Among all the events in the life of each person with one of the most significant is the wedding. This introduction to a new stage of life. Some time ago in our country there is even a tradition in which parents childhood prepared her daughters for marriage. To date, these traditions were only memories. But […]


Regain Love 7 Tips To Regain Love

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wounded and angry you must be above these feelings and understand their needs at this time.This will show you that you still care for her. Be a listener excellent Everytime she speaks with you.Leave her to speak and you don’t interrupt it.!Unless she asked your opinion, do not tell what to do or how they […]

Best Chair

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Do ever wanted to feel, really feel, your music?. Can feel as it accelerates your car and burns the pavement while playing PlayStation?. A movie and really feel explosions and shocks?. Or simply sit and relax on a kneeler for pure leather couch while you smoke a cigarette or take a whiskey. Well now you […]

How To Overcome Embarrassment And Conversation To Foreign Language ?

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Many of us learn foreign languages now than one year. We have again and again go to language schools, the courses to their favorite tutors, or responsibly to learn the language itself, which ultimately gives excellent results in grammar and understanding of texts. However, to say everything as a challenge. Why is this happening? Answer […]

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That Evil Brings La Censura

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DOES THAT EVIL BRINGS CENSORSHIP? What is it that makes an important country? What about making a country’s population to be happy, live in peace? There are many answers to these questions. Many may say that it is the people, society, what makes a country prosperous. Others may say is the political and economic stability […]


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