Play Station Store

Suddenly PSN cards have already seen in a previous post the advantages that involves using a PayPal account in order to buy PSN recharge cards. Anyway, we will explain it again quickly. Many people seek to buy PSN cards of recharge of the United States, but it is sometimes difficult, because if you don’t have a U.S. bank card or do not want to have credit card things become complicated. Buy PSN Card this causes the process to be difficult many times, frankly difficult. Because of this, hundreds of Playstation 3 users seek a response on the Internet by the easiest way of lograrloYo, I tried that way more secure and easy to obtain it is by a PayPal account.

Only you do the transfer to the account of which sells for PSN card recharge and thats all. The same day you will have simply in your personal e-mail account, the password to get what they want from the PS Store. In this way, you will avoid paying extra for cards overvalued or loss of time that do not pass your local card and be lucky of that than another trip to the United States to get them or, still, go where counterfeit technicians say to download everything for you, but that they do not assume responsibilities, except the have a disappointment. No doubt this is the best way to obtain games PS3, add-ons, movies, music, themes, minis, in short, everything that you can find in the PS store. It is the best way and quickly load your Play Station account.

More is not repeat it, is a fast deal, directly from the Play Station Store to your email personalHay many who lost patience trying to get their PSN Cards and, to be honest, if this was a difficult or tedious process practically is no longer it thanks to the ease which is PayPal. Much eye, that PayPal is not a virtual bank, nor charges interest to people who open an account in order to buy and sell goods and services over the network, so virtually you don’t need any special requirement to open an account with this company. Only do you provide the possibility to transfer money instantly to the account of the person who is offering the cards and change will receive the key to access the content on her credit and so you can buy what you want from the PSN store. PSN cards easy, quick and safe, what more can I say? I hope that this modest information to obtain your PS Cards more easily.


It is increasingly common to hear people you feel discomfort in the ears resembling whistles, ringing tones, etc., which disrupt the development of the daily life. These ringing, or tinnitus causes sufferers it various disorders, where one of the most annoying is that hard them to fall asleep, and all know a wrong sleeping person can not develop their activities accordingly. This hand that does not exist a specific cure for this condition has led people to try all kinds of home remedies for tinnitus. Among the best-known are taking two tablespoons of yeast with tomato juice, teas of ginkgo biloba, do nose with salt water washes, enter 2 or 3 drops of castor oil or juice of onions daily, apply a cloth hot on ear humming, press both ears against his head several times a day, and so countless recipes of Grandma can pass through your ears without that nothing guarantees a cure but only relief momentary. The most advisable when we seek remedies homemade for tinnitus is to learn relaxation techniques to help us not get nervous before these symptoms, if you have trouble falling asleep, ideally, masking the noise through music soft or leaving a TV turned on; that help tinnitus patient to distract the buzz, take a balanced diet without fat or large amounts of salt, do not smoke or drink beverages stimulants such as coffee, not drug use, avoid places with loud noises such as recitals or dance premises, and above all; avoid stressful situations. If you already tried all this and the hum persist ideally will be to make a consultation with your doctor explaining all symptoms as in detail as possible to enable him to determine the origin of the tinnitus. Because although it is not a disease, living with tinnitus can become a great disorder. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Don Bosco Students

In second moment is the community development and implementation of an experiential and interdisciplinary curriculum that exceeds the fractionation of knowledge and the encyclopedic disconnected from the life of the students, arranging experiences that motivate them to want to do what you have to do, so take ownership of tools that enable it to integrate into society and commit to it for the construction of significant changes, developing in them skills emotional as love likewise, love each other and love to the world and the knowledge. To achieve this, we must appropriating more than principles and values bequeathed by Don Bosco, who proposes us an active pedagogy, in the sense of presenting autoestructurantes experiences to students, recognizing internal resources youth as possibility of growth, in the first instance because the authentic development of individuals comes from inside. Don Bosco was a convinced that the young man has all the potential for their own development. But to achieve this, the educator must place it in contact with realities that respond to their interests, as well as offer an environment rich in resources that will lead it to become protagonist of their own learning process. Which road continue to achieve this project? Don Bosco said: education is a matter of the heart. This simple phrase guides us towards the pillars of the preventive system, as the attitudes that the educator must embody in pedagogical practice, creating a favourable educational environment through an emotional leadership. Therefore, love is the Supreme principle of the preventive system. Salesian educator loves young people and they are friendly closeness that produce familiarity through understandable gestures that stimulate confidence and create emotional relationship.

In other words, through educational charity we propiciemos with our students filiativas relations, accompanying them and advising them assertively. To do this, we must cultivate in our life and practical teaching aspects such as: educational environment: must be rich in humanity, of joy and effort, characterized by the communion between educators and young people, the climate of family, trust and dialogue. This type of relations increase happiness, produce enthusiasm in carrying out day-to-day activities and increase the self-esteem of the students personal relationship: single environment is not enough. The affection comes to the individual through the personal relationship that allows view and illuminate the present, the past and the future of each. The educator should strive to awaken responsibility, encouraging and empowering the person for free options based on motives and values, being among the youth reference model. Think our educational action from the affective nature of the Salesian pedagogy is responding to the existential project of young people and constitute autonomous, filiativos students and filmmakers from its basic responsibility: learn in happiness.

The Reality

And with this form to watch the reality it does not take in arriving the resentment, that follows and continues draining our energy and personal power. Another position exists from which we can stop to us and is the POSITION OF RESPONS (H) ABILIDAD, that is to say our ability from answer to the surroundings that surround to us. The benefit that we won from this position is the power personnel, we felt powerful and proactive (PROACTIVE), advancing to look for action alternatives to us, arranging to look for solutions completely to us, introducing to us within the problem and doing position to us from a roll protagonist. We try to create the possibilities that still do not exist; and in means of so many " not puedos" or said by others or been born from our own thought, we dealed with not listening to them and in its replacement, we chose internal conversations of possibility. I propose some questions to them that come mind so that are done you to you yourself at moments of adverse and difficult situations that it frames this position of responsibility and protagonism: What message underlies hidden in this situation? How it could turn this into an opportunity? Which are the possibilities that appear before these facts? How I can observe it so that it serves to me and it supports towards which really I want? What blessings and privileges of my life I need to recognize and to enjoy? Of what I must do position to me? Why and why it will be that it passes this to me? What I need? How I am in other areas of my life? It passes something to me similar? I feel like victim? Alive and so it touches to me or I look for alternatives to be better? Why I remain in a pessimistic emotion? Which is the benefit? What price I am paying to continue acting in the same way? What benefits would have if my way to act outside different? What I must do that before or until now I did not do? How long I am more going to continue looking for guilty before making me responsible for the part that corresponds to me? It could face how it of a different way with respect to it came as it until now facing? How it could carry out it? What prevents me to make something different? Of what I am scared? On what facts those fears are based? It seems to you that they are founded? What orders of aid make lack do and to whom? I am in contact with the enemy with that I need? What would do if I had left 1 year of life? We act from the excellence, when we chose to focus in which we have today, in which yes is under our control, in which we can do starting off of the blessings that we have while we extended the fan of different interpretations to choose that one that supports more to us towards the results than we wished.


They operate the atmosphere, they enjoy the suffering of others, and they are elevated on the ruin of the others. Certainly, not always we are conscious of our actions. But in the nature, the ignorance of the law does not exempt to one of the punishment. If we realize or no, we are integral parts of the nature. Therefore, when we treated our atmosphere egoistically and we tried to operate it, we produce a imbalance in all the system. In answer, the nature does all the possible one to re-balance its systems. Its answer is automatic, as in the case when the pressure in center increases of the Earth to such an extent that the external Earth layer can maintain no longer it and thus a volcano erupciona.

While the minerals, the plants and the animal very instinctively are lead to maintain the balance natural, the man has the extraordinary opportunity to be balance with the nature by free election. This it is a special roll of the man in the nature. If by own will, we choose to balance with the nature, will raise to us a new level of existence and will undergo the perfection that abounds in the nature. The ecological crisis is only a symptom the problems ecological that we see they are only symptoms that they indicate that we are unbalanced with the nature. In order to solve the ecological crisis, we needed to learn the laws that operate in the nature and to implement the same principles in our society.

That is to say, we must take the general law of the nature to the human level. This means on the other to adopt of the nature the principle of the reciprocity and the preoccupation of one. One assumes that all the people must take care of the needs from one to another one? Yes, it sounds utopian.