The Skill

is until interesting as this reed-echo in the Ester life, then early it loses its parents being thus orphan, imagines the small fragile structure of this child if losing in the collapse of that it had more important in the life, it simply IT LOSES the SOIL. Destarte had to live of favor with the relative next than it had, and knows that the house of the others never is as aconchego of our home, but was this or the cold and dirty street of the quarter where Hadassa liveed! The skill was to accept. The shame imagines that suffered, criticizes them that it received, it was relays enslaved, poor and simply plus a girl it mistreats in way the huge Persian empire! I see here that is much more easy to have hope to win a war or to dream of the Gloria when already is born pretty, enjoying of robustness, force in a gold cradle. I want to see to have hope when you to all call they maltreat you small, ugly and strange. I want to see to dream when the soil is lost. The unemployment I vitiate, it distresses, beats it the door of your heart! But in the truth what the parents of Hadassa wanted to say for its son it was: ' ' Son I want that it knows that you can be as more the stranger between the plants, ugliest, you can until being taxed of without favour, that one in who all do not see utility, that all are not imported but I want that you KNOW of a secret. ALL HADASSA ONE DAY BLOSSOMS, AND BLOSSOMS MOST BEAUTIFUL BETWEEN THE FLOWERS, MORE THE CHEIROSA, MOST GRACIOUS! ' ' It is this that comes today you in teaching in this singela to them ticket; It can be that today you are one murta, one hadassa lost for the world the rejection, one day God it gave a promise to you, today you is forgotten and humiliated by all its return, abandoned, rejected.

RING Authority

This attitude of the father of the youngster in them leaves a great revelation, and that is toward that they come back toward house of the Papa, therefore the Papa only can give these things. .AS CLOTHES They represent the restitution of the integrity, taking off the shame of that errou, sinned, but she came back recognizing its error. THE RING It represents the restitution of the authority, that was lost, but that one that has authority only can give authority. .AS SANDALS These represent the restitution of the stability and prosperity that the world steals, but the owner of all gold and all silver returns for the son. CONCLUSION That joy is to know that we have a Father that it is always of opened arms to receive its children. If you know somebody that if deviated from the way Mr., you do not leave to pray for them, therefore she will make them to the time to recognize that only in the house of the father she has food for life, clothes for the heating, but not if he forgets that the father is crying for its children who if had been. If you this in the house of the Father enjoy everything, therefore its is everything, either obedient, loving, affectionate, considerate a son, loves you to the father, takes care of of the house of the Father, you are who you will profit from this and when the prodigal son to vote makes a party together with the Father. But for you that he left the house of the father and is suffering and he seems not to see, already he is desiring to eat the acorns of the pigs, living a life below of the average, I I want you to leave a word, only I COME BACK TOWARD HOUSE. Pr. August Alexander Contacts: 0xx.35.3621.16.17 0xx.35.9199.71.01 pastoralexandreaugusto@

Active Minds

Mantain your active mind. It turns the reading into a habit, learns a language, it realises mind games, it studies and ten your active body realising exercise; this last one is the best way to release endorfinas. It protects your neck. She is one of the parts of the body most prone to demonstrate the age. The most crucial treatment is the daily prevention with protector SPF 30.

Also, he is key to take care of it with the application of creams antioxidants protect that it of the environment and that cause the appearance of wrinkles. It enjoys the free air. To be locked up is not most advisable abrir your mind and to have positive thoughts. If for a day of sun, aprovchalo, salt to simply walk or to comerte an ice cream. You will see the comforting thing that one feels (reflections of hope). Give me one hour extra. It organizes or your schedules so that you can sleep or. The good rest prevents the ring under the eye or the opaque skin, as well as increase in the weight and debilitates to the defenses. You can do how it? Earlier Durmete, than your quarter is completely in the dark. It even considers the option to take a hot bath before going to dormirte, this has an ideal relajante effect to go to sleep. 9. It realises a trip. It discovers a place that it invites to you to live new and fresh experiences. Nothing else liberating that this activity that stimulates your mind and fills to you of satisfaction. 10. Dale volume to your hair. As the time flows out, as much the skin as the hair becomes more thin. For that reason, it uses shampoo special to give volume him, soon aplcate mousse in the root and psate the dryer.

Japanese and Brazilian

The form of haicai of Guillermo de Almeida conquest still today many practitioners in Brazil. But it was in the decade of 1930 that it happened Japanese and Brazilian the interchange and diffusion of haiku between haicastas, consisting, thus, another way of haikai in Brazil. It was in this decade also that appeared the oldest coletnea of haicais called Haicais simply, of Siqueira Jnior, published in 1933. Fanny Dupr Luiza was the first woman to publish a book of haicais, in February of 1949, intitled Petals to the Wind? Haicais. We can chronological summarize the routes of haikai in Brazil of the following form: In 1879, through the book Of France to Japan, of Francisco Antonio Almeida. In 1908, through the arrival of the Japanese immigrants to the port of Saints. In 1919, through the Trovas book Popular Brazilian of Afrnio Peixoto.

In 1926, through the culture and diffusion of haiku inside of the colony for Keiseki and Nenpuku. In the decade of 1930, through the interchange between haicastas Japanese and Brazilian, mainly for the proper H. Masuda Goga. With the ambientao and the diffusion of haiku in Portuguese language, some chains of opinion on this if had formed: The chain of the defenders of the content of haiku; The chain of that they attribute importance to the form; The chain of the admirers of the importance of kigo. The defenders of content of haiku is those that consider some peculiar characteristics of the poem, as the concision, the condensation, the intuition and the emotion, that are on to the zen-buddhism. Oldegar Vieira is one haicasta that it adhered to this chain. The ones that considers the form (teikei) most important follow the rule of the 17 poetical syllables (5-7-5). Guillermo de Almeida not only adhered to this chain as &#039 created a peculiar form to compose its poems called haikais; ' guilherminos' '.