Streptococcus Faecalis

As scientific register of old literature, the colloidal silver is presented as highly effective in the treatment of infections caused for embryos that would generate prerigosas diseases highly. – Test carried through repetidamente for some researchers of the scientific medical area, had repetidamente proved that the colloidal silver destroys of total and irreversible form pathogenic microorganisms that are gifts in the water, beside the point told in the past, in some medical literatures confirming the announced bactericidal power. Scientists had produced the machine that carry through the processessamento of manufacture of the cololidal silver, the MDS-1l, and that submitted the coprobatria experience of its efficiency, in the Institute Afolfo Lutz, in So Paulo,when producing the product, this were tested, that in accordance with finding emitted for the related Institute, whose test submitted in 500ml of exempt water of any chemistry, duly filtered, gift in this 100mil liquid Streptococcus Faecalis for ml., 10mil Escherichia Coli for ml, and 1,000 Vibrio Cholerae, for ml. Generating electrodes of colloidal silver, the MDS-11, were immersed I eliminate in it for the time of ten minutes with highly satisfactory result: One hundred milliliters of this water were placed in a bottle amber for a fraction of equal time to the 30 minutes, the made sowings, in the laboratoriais conditions of the test, had disclosed: Absence of S. Faecalis/ml, absence of V.

Cholerae/ml and absence of V. Cholerae/ml. It has in the scientific field a concern in searching solution for the treatments with cell-trunk, front to proplemas faced with incompatibiliade that imposes certain degree of difficulty in the application of the treatment, that has generated problems even of ethical nature,- we must understand that a cell alone has the power to reproduce to that type of cell that it is proper. a cell of the heart cannot produce a cell of liver, but only of that agency in treatment, beyond the intrinsicamente necessary compatibility.