Disneyland Paris

Paris, a great city where it is not possible to be stopped visiting his wonderful landscapes, parks, museums like the Louvre and seeing superb works of arts that in them are with pictures of painters of centuries last like Czanne, Goes Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Gauguin and Bonnard that will make us travel by the time. Besides all the art, culture and urban beauty that contributes Paris we were that in recent years the city has blunted like attractive tourist them families and thus to develop his vacations in family. At the moment doing a trip to Paris is synonymous to plan vacations with children, Paris owns many activities in family, its supply of leisure, culture, games and entertainment is very ample since we can enjoy: Marionette theaters, Museum of Sciences, Club of Ponis, Circus, Zoo, Aquatic Park, Strolls to Horse, Strolls in Boat by the Seine to admire the majestic buildings by all means and, cannot be lost the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of the Triumph, Versailles and asegrese to happen a little while of tranquillity in Garden of the Tulleras, In addition the city owns pleasant restaurants in all denominations: restaurants, bistrots, brasseries, etc. We have mentioned since it in Paris diverse attractions exist but without a doubt funniest for smallest it is to go to the amusement park Disneyland Paris. The park is the first European tourist destiny for vacations with children and not so young, that they dream that everything is real wonderful in this place. Than 30,000 meters squared more, 68 restaurants and 54 stores they include five magical territories of the Disney Park where there will be endless diversion for children, mothers, papas and majors of all the ages. It is a place where it is possible to be enjoyed the best vacations in family, in a wonderful world of diversion, gastronomy and stories of you foretell suitable to all the tastes and budgets. The amusement park always is renewing and re-inventing so that is thus visited time and time again and to hallucinate with the exciting attractions, We recommended to you to visit Disneyland Paris and enjoys better vacations in family this season. essful. BlogRoll? Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the family! Leetu.com? Official notices of Press Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the? Disneyland Paris Emotions for all the family! Official notices of? MundoDecoracin the property, the best option to celebrate its wedding? Official notices of Press free Obtain to your Mp4 and English course of

Mendoza Hotels

To go out on vacations is a relajante and funny activity that fills of enthusiasm and anxiety to us in this final stage of the year. To choose the site is a determination that modifies according to our budget, our tastes and the options of the market. The site where we are going to sleep igulamente is important since it must be an apt place in order that we rest of everything what we did during the year. For all the tastes and budgets, the hotels in Mendoza constitute without number of options to rest. There is no doubt that can be found lodgings in Mendoza for all the tastes and pockets.

Whether it is a question of unforgettable vacations in family, the hotels in Mendoza offer an extensive range of entertainment activities and animation for those but small, from learning factories as recreational activities that are classified according to the ages of smallest. If what is tried is something more intimate, the hotels in Mendoza offer a unique opportunity for pairs, with rooms that have been decorated for the occasion and the most propitious atmosphere to relax and to spend days romantic next to those who we want. Also there are proposals for which they look for something economic. There is a great number of lodgings in Mendoza with promotional tariffs without stopping being pleasant and comfortable places in order to rest, which in many occasions allows that we extend the vacations and prologuemos the days. The great amount of proposals says to us that they are possible to be found the most varied places of lodging in Mendoza for which they look for to rest in our province. The supply also includes youngest. The lodgings in Mendoza are in the strategic places, where the diversion is few steps. This type of lodgings in Mendoza allows the majors to have the tranquillity of knowledge that their children rest and vacacionan in a safe place, to the defense of any danger.

For all that one that wants to rest of the city and to relax, the hotels in Mendoza offer the contingency to rest of the noise in paradisiac sites where the beauty of the landscapes captivates to us and silence renews to us. The women also have his place. The lodgings of Mendoza offer limitless forms to relax that they go from relajantes massages, spa, jacuzzi, gymnasiums and other activities to accentuate the feminine beauty. Without a doubt there is place for all. From smallest to those than they own the most demanding tastes, find a site pleasant to spend the best vacations. The suggestions that offer the hotels in Mendoza are infinite. It is in each choosing the place that better adapts to our tastes and priorities.

Eiffel Tower

We must perceive it and value it. ' ' Today, tourism is a cultural experience that it seduces for the diversity, main landmark of the tourist product, and that it generates the displacement of turistas' ' , Bayard and Maurcio (2002, p.107). In accordance with Montejano (2001, p.25), cultural tourism is ' ' set of activities that if develop with the purpose to facilitate for the visiting tourist/some knowledge and to extend its culture, from a perspective of free time and of the civilization of lazer' '. In this manner, it is possible to notice the great importance of the culture, mainly in the tourist aspect and also in the social aspect, therefore the culture offers an essential paper in the society. Perez (2005, p.2) affirms that ' ' the cultural patrimony contributes with the formatting of tourist destinations with proper identity, endowing them with character differentiated in compliance with the singular objectives and authenticity searched for demanda' '.

For the tourism, the cultural preservation is very important, therefore the tourist activity is used of the value of the different cultural aspects observed in diverse places, being necessary one politics of preservation of the cultural patrimony. The museums, for if dealing with spaces that propitiate leisure and culture as form of entertainment knowledge to its visitors, is necessary that it has the preservation of the cultural goods and this can benefit the economic exploration of the tourist activity and the cultural patrimony through the culture tourism. Attempting against for the growth of the tourist activity, many museums had started to invest in the qualification and professionalization, as well as in the planning to stimulate the increase of the flow of visitors. Aburdene and Naisbitt (2000, p.56), affirm that: ' ' The public of today is eager for quality, and the museum can provide it. The visited monument more in the world is not, nor the Eiffel Tower, nor the Taj Mahal, but the Center Geoges Pompidou, with eight million visitors per year.

Christmas Entertainment

Christmas must a little while be of peace and meeting with relatives and friendly, nothing else simple that. Therefore we did not need to buy a Christmas tree that costs U$ 50, nor to buy any of those expensive Christmas adornments, has value much more if we left expert artists them (our children) are in charge to create they themselves the adornments. I leave some ideas about which our children can obtain: If we give laminae them to draw and to color Christmas reasons, soon we can use them to adorn the house? Rinds of nuts, washable painting, vinlica tail and thread, are the sufientes materials to adorn the Christmas tree. A bow with the thread becomes and they stick two covers of a nut with the tail, leaving part of the thread inside so that it leaves a piece towards outside soon hanging. It is let dry and soon one paints the nut of pretty colors and forms. If you live near a beach you can do something similar with the shells of the snails of sea. Or with eucalyptus seeds if you live near a mount.

Also we can adorn the Christmas tree with postal that we have received? We can use small carjitas surrounded in paper of gift, as if they were small small gifts, but with the same idea to place a bow to them with thread to be able to hang them of the tree. They are tuna very if in addition we do small a monkey to them with tape of color. It With a thread in the Christmas tree can be drawn doves, genies, small Noel Papa, to color them and soon be hung. If your family is believing, also they puden to arm small pecebre with paper, cardboard and vinlica tail? We leave them young use its imagination, they are able (always under the supervision of a major) to generate funny ideas for the adornments. We must to motivate them to use the materials that we by hand have for it This constitutes a healthy diversion for the boys, to them them encata and they feel proud of this type of emprendimientos, whereas we managed to reduce costs. In addition soon we will keep like a small treasures and memory to Merry Christmas next to them. Another idea so that the children amuse themselves is that they free use some service of Internet so that they can write his letter to him to Santa Claus, for example in this site: What yes they must not have in very clear our children, is that the true reason for Christmas is not to give to give and to give, nor to receive either great or expensive gifts, thus we will be educating them to consumer not being hardened when they grow.

Anyway and as you will be thinking already it, it is almost impossible to persuade to a boy when thanks to the publicity has the fixed idea of a toy that we cannot pay. For that reason the prevention against the publicity is fundamental, on this subject I wrote in the previous article with title " Electronic entertainments VERSUS Domstica&quot economy;. Speech with your children and hazles to understand that Noel Papa not always does not bring exactly what are requested to him, sometimes run out the stock to him, can either bring many gifts for a single boy because they are many children in the world. Original author and source of the article.


The creator of the personages of the Group of the Monica ' ' Maurcio de Sousa' ' a genius with the subject is same is entertainment! To have bred the drawings, histories in quadrinhos, the Games of the Group of the Monica had always been great ideas that had given certain, but to create up to one app them fans to be part of the Group of the Mnica find that a great one drawn for this year of 2012 was. Who one day of the children, young or adults did not dream more in being an livened up member of this turminha of the quadrinhos is not? now you can with applicatory ' ' I want to be of the Group of the Mnica' ' , that currently it occupies the second rank of the programs more preferred to use in iPhone. The applicatory one that it was launched recently is for those people who like games to dress with a mixture to create to avatar, therefore with these new Games of the Monica you will be able to take off a photo its and later using the program to create a personage who will go to be part of the group. To lower the program it is necessary to enter in the site of Apple and to look for Mauricio de Sousa or then for the applicatory one ' ' I want to be of the group of the Mnica' '. Later that to find the applicatory one is alone to lower for its cellular one and then to start the diversion. I will choose the item that more combine with you as the options of hair, mouth, eyes, height and then to finish I will choose the type of clothes and accessories that more combine with its personality. After to have bred its to avatar, arrived the hour to choose deep a well bacana one for the image and finally to use the social nets as: Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to share its personage of the Group of the Monica with its friends. The applicatory one is entirely gratis and functions in such a way for iPhone, iPad or iPod-Touch with languages for the Portuguese and English and the user must have a good access the Internet therefore can delay a little to lower the applicatory one, since the game has 36,8 MB. It is part of turminha more legal of Brazil and it does not leave to divulge this subject for its friends, after all of accounts is very difficult to find applicatory national so legal as this.

Wellington Hotel

They spoke long and laying during the passage and when arriving at Bogota, where the company had sent him exceptionally to realise concrete managements, they married. You are exactly the man who was looking for, said Susana to him, by all explanation. Logically, he was not going to tell him that he was already married. So he omitted the detail. He arrived at Madrid sunk in these pleasant memories and when going to take a taxi he saw to his wife Berta, that is to say, to raise a car with a type at that watched all surary one. Plenty of stupor, only gave time to say him to the taxi driver, like in the films: Siga that car.

After the initial amazement, already nor it surprised to him that both vehicles were stopped before which was its Madrilenian address. While one lowered of the taxi was seen by the horrified Berta that it replaced right away and, after whispering something to the ear of its companion, one went fast and energetic towards him. It gave two sonorous kisses him in the cheeks and before it could recover it said to him: I do not mount any scene. And less in front of my husband and of my children. Your husband? . Your children? Acert to formulate the phrases with great difficulty, while over the shoulder of the woman he saw leave the car to a boy of about five years and one girl of two. He waned when verifying, in spite of the distance, the similarity of those children with he himself. you do not arm to any uproar, he continued saying a Berta stranger to him, fries like an iceberg: Robert thinks that they are children his .

Or that is stammered Juan, that one time was no such abortion Already you see responded his wife to him, with a face vitiates : your prolonged absences they have given of himself so that I could give birth several children without you occurred to account . EP but, your husband, you say? . What you are created? laughed frankly the other already That you are the unique one in having one double life, with two spouses and two families? So you know the one of Susana! . Clear that I know the one of Susana and also with whom deceives to you. Minutes later, the bigamist sunk one and aging called to the door of room 112 of the Wellington Hotel, in the beginning of the street Velasquez, as it finished saying Berta to him. A magnificent Susana, radian of love and sex, that he believed flying towards New York, abri the door to him before remaining petrified by the astonishment. On the other hand, Juan, overwhelmed, saw in the bed the bottom of the room, as soon as covered by a sheet, to Greta, the inseparable friend of his wife, with whom he supposed that he entertained myself during his absences, but, that yes, of a different good form. Original author and source of the article.