Current Music Thinking

We go to make a basic reflection of music, either in regards to the public while listener, either in regards to the producer, sweeping all the productive chain of music until what it will be felt by the listeners. Including letters, ciphers and all more than it will be able to help the musicians, mainly in the spreading of good music. Our proposal is to give a less commercial optics what it is seen or ear currently in the market. Diverse producers and musicians if worry in surplus about the financial question and forget the question art. Certain that we need to survive, but where it will be at this moment the such dictated that it says that if to make the tasks while we are happy, the result is prettier? Of that it advances to be ' ' prostituindo' ' while musician and making something that dislikes in them, only because we are thinking about an ephemeral result? The musician and its producer never must forget that they are dealing with art, feelings, emotions, before thinking about currencies. From there surplus one slice of curiosity of our part: Where music leaves of being art and starts to be financial passport? Where music starts to have a sentimental or emotional importance to have a material importance? It will be that to hear quality musics we will have that to release hand of our culture, of our information that we get during as many years of our lives (forty years, in mine case)? Or it will be that it is so less frustrating only to open hand of that we construct sonorously in our lives, forgetting the good moments that we pass packed for beautiful melodies in our youth or adolescence? Good, all are indeed intriguing questions or, for the floor of the covered cart, questions you delayed for the moment.