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Have you volunteered anywhere? What have you learned through this experience? 10. Have you ever spent a particularly challenging experience, and has become stronger than before? What was challenging? What did to overcome it? 11. What is most proud of achieving perpetual? What did you learn from this experience? 12. Do you have firsthand knowledge of any medical condition or problem? If so, which? 13. Do you collect anything? In that case, what collects? 14.

What television programs more enjoyable? What kind of music do you listen? Do you attend theater events and other events related to the “Arts”? 15. Is there something you always wanted to really do or learn more about that, but simply has not had the time? Once completed, the answers to these 15 questions, pay special attention to what you received a positive reply from you stronger. a These are the areas that are probably the ideal target market for your business idea. Now narrow your list to five topics that really passionate about it. These issues will make your starting point for researching your business idea.

Note: This is only the starting point. This phase is just the beginning, it is not enough to recognize that your passion is golf, and then simply assume that it will build a business on the golf theme. (This is not a good business idea, because if you put in Google the word “Golf” gets 184 million results, this would be a very fierce competition which would be facing.) But if you dig deep on the general topic golf, you might find an untapped market niche for people who are looking to create a product that is not available online. Maybe golf shoes for men who have larger than 14 feet. Or maybe golf videos for children beginners. Who knows? This is the next phase of research will reveal the business idea to implement. The next stage is to use a research tool keywords such as Yahoo Search Marketing, to find out if people are looking online related to topics you chose. Oscar Castillo Director of Learning – Step by Step From ZERO-through Video Tutorials: “How to Create Your Own Profitable Internet Business.

Organizational Culture Change Process

A few years ago began to hear the term organizational culture to describe the way business organizations operate. But not until a few years ago that this term has become fundamental language of the majority of Operators of the World. Edgar Shein was one of the first authors who addressed the issue deeply and defined organizational culture as follows: Organizational culture is the pattern of basic assumptions that a certain group invented, discovered or developed in the process of learning to resolve their problems external adaptation and internal integration and that worked well enough about to be considered valid and, therefore, be taught to new members of the group as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to these problems (Edgar Shein, 1984 : 56) 1 Freitas for his part argued that culture is a powerful control mechanism that aims to shape behavior, mix ways of thinking and living the organization, introducing a positive image of her, where all are equal, whisking away the differences and conflicts inherent in a system that keeps an overriding antagonism and reflection (FREITAS, 1991: XVIII) 1 Fleury, believes that culture is a set of values and assumptions expressed basic symbolic elements in his ability to command, attribute meanings, build organizational identity, both act as a communication and consensus, and hide and make use of domain relations. (FLEURY, 1989:22) There are a variety of concepts but of these ideas will take the necessary steps to round out as clearly as possible a definition of organizational culture that is more comprehensible to all readers.

All Free And Sport

Our internal value has increased, our spirit has taught us that we can reach our goals. Our thinking is no longer grace and limitations. We know information that few people know, for example, well known that we live in a new era, the era of the past, the industrial age, it certainly is collapsing. Many people struggle every day to get ahead economically, but without knowing fighting against what they are immersed. They fight against the traditional system, but not loose, because of ignorance or habit. a The information age is strengthening systems to generate money, which in the past were frowned upon, criticized, devalued and in some cases misused, but worldwide have grown faster than from any subsequent way of doing business.

I refer to the network marketing or network marketing. But our time is paving the way for the industry, with all its strength and its possibilities are endless, the choice is only for the very open and willing to learn. There are many paradigms also marked and taxes on these systems, however most people who criticize and it devalues people who have never been in one, which has not been well guided or have not wanted to lead and the trials are what they believe and think, no objectivity, hearsay and rumors, with its own patterns of deprivation. In addition, the network marketing industry is not always the same. There are many systems to make and is part of knowing to pick and choose the best for further research and what a truly honest and genuine.


Of the four causes that are necessary for something to exist, as the philosopher Aristotle, three are virtually accepted by the generality of teachers today. In fact, a statue can not exist without a material cause (marble), a formal cause (carved figure) and an efficient cause (the work of sculptor carving the bust). The problem discussed is the fourth leading cause so-called final cause, in technical language that is intended to have that statue (Press what?) No person, unless an obtuse, will refuse to accept that the final cause of a clock is to give the time as well as the mouth is made to talk and eat, the stomach to digest, and listening ears to hear, legs to sustain the human body and walking. This seems so obvious, that the reader will wonder what is this article if the last 2500 years no one has questioned the truth truth. However, the issue is not so simple. Parafilosofos Some philosophers have their objections.

yCual is the ultimate cause of an ocean? For some that will allow ships to navigate between port and port connecting the continents, for others to separate them so that the people find it more difficult to make war. Dissent is also recorded in other examples. The nose has been designed to hold glasses and African Americans to play basketball. It is absurd to think that glasses and African Americans have been created to meet before a final cause nose and basketball have been created. It would be like saying that the child has been created so that there is a mother, being that the thing is reversed: the mother has been created for the birth of their children. In a similar way could be argued that food has been created to serve the stomach for something or the hands have been created so the sword can be used. A fool, with the same logic, I would say that God created the universe to stay without an author. As this type of reasoning could imagine countless examples that people were made for rulers not be out of work, or that time was created so that the clocks have some justification.

yCual then is the final cause of everything? A French philosopher proposed that the final result is valid when its effects occur at any time, anywhere. YY how to know when this match happens? No one can say that the oceans have been made to ensure that vessels have a place to browse because it does not always and everywhere has been ships. It is inconceivable that nature has worked for millions of years before the invention to meet the boat when it appeared. And if the ship would not be invented to hold the view that nature was the stupid. Anyway, we are confident that the fingers have not been made to place the rings.

Hipolito Unanue

"I told you" kept saying "that they say the lord of the three little word." And here in Lima also my cousins when I came in 35, six years my cousins called me the lord of the three little words, I scrubbed it, they mocked the way I talk, my way of being droll. We returned the 37 to Iquitos, and went back 15 years to come the year 44. I did in the Hipolito Unanue, a private school, I fifth and sixth grade. Later this school became a national, then many of those students spent each Guadalupe, and others to private schools. Then I walked into the first half year, and went to the "Santo Tomas de Aquino" 15 or 16 years, was the bully of all boys in first half. As I did want to play basketball as priests.

When I finished first year on average, it cost me because I had to go to and from Tingo Maria, because she had farm there, my mom decided to come to live in Lima, then sold the farm and we come to Lima. And now to work. I got to work on the "Duchess" three months. A shop selling fabrics in the patch of the Union in the first block, next to the French chemist. Recommended by a girl Loreto. I lasted three months. I sent her to see her grandmother's chief of staff. So I went to work in "Terra" as a janitor, and in front of me was the letter from my boss next, and conversed with him.

Central University

The Chilean empanadas made of wheat flour, stuffed with ground beef or diced, seasoned with cumin, black olives, raisins and egg, called “empanadas de pino.” In the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, some 30 years ago, stood a cart of some Chileans who sold these tasty empanadas de pino. Every time I would see basketball games in college, was fixed before I try a pie with a drink now I remember. Easter are popular in those made with seafood, accompanied by white wine. There are also stuffed with vegetables, especially spinach, “Neapolitan” – cheese, ham, tomato sauce and oregano -; of fish such as salmon or mackerel – usually both made the same way that meat -. and puye, of seaweed – seaweed – and chicken is the specialty of the area of Santa Ana, Talagante. Chile pie has multiple variants, and is recognized as a food emblematic of the country, being considered, along with the s opaipillas the Valdivian curanto the pan and suck marine shellfish, such as dishes in their cuisine. The Bolivian empanadas from Salta Province, which features, whose mass has a slightly sweet flavor with a filling – jigote – beef stew or chicken, potato and broth. They are painted a soft red-orange pigment, which gives it a very special color.

Made with a thin layer of Round dough stuffed with meat stews, chicken, seafood, seasoned with onion, egg, olives, capers, raisins, grapes, potatoes, peas, cheese and spinach. Generally has a shape of a semicircle of no more than 20 cm. long, sealed at the edges with an elaborate “repulgo” – edge of the pie -. Other varieties include Tucumanas which differs from the Argentina of the same name that are fried, the layers puka pie also called red, typical of the city of Cochanbamba prepared baked with cheese, onion, olives, cheese and cheese for that api sometimes take a little onion and prepared baked or fried. The cheese is prepared, like the mass, with cornstarch and flour and rice are typical of the city of Santa Cruz with rice and pork – pork – in the filling. Then there are the tamales, of lacayote those of hojandre, the fried chicken and Chuquisaca. Researching for writing these articles, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich cuisine of the Bolivian empanadas, so the recipe for this week is the chicken patties jigote Bolivia, which are a most agreeable culinary discovery.