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Stephon Marbury was born in Brooklyn, New York in February, 1977 and weighs 200 pounds and is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

He went to Georgia Tech for college and in 1996 he was the 4th pick in the NBA draft, by the Milwaukee Bucks.Marbury had a long career as a professional basketball player. He began playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves after he was traded for the draft rights to Ray Allen. The Timberwolves went to the NBA playoffs in 1997 and 1998, but due to a dispute with management Marbury was traded to the New Jersey Nets in 1999. Marbury was with the Nets until 2001 until he went to the Phoenix Suns. While playing as a Sun Marbury made it to his second All-Star Team. In 2004 he started to play for the New York Knicks, where he remained until 2009. In early 2009 Marbury went to the Boston Celtics, but did not stay long. He did not sign a contract for the 2009-10 season, and became a free agent.

Tragically Marbury’s father Don died while watching a basketball game between the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns on December 2, 2007. At the time Marbury was playing for the Knicks.

Now Marbury is playing with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons, a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.  He singed a three year contract to play with the Dragons in July 2010 and Shanxi Zhongyu will create a firm which will produce and sell the brand of Starbury shoes, a Marbury owned company.

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Right Strategy

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The terracotta warriors conquer Germany Cologne 03 December 2008 – casiam – the terracotta warriors of XI’ on are UNESCO World Heritage site and attract the attention of visitors from all over the world. The Warriors gain more and more popularity and attention also in Germany. The company casiam is exclusive and faithful reproductions of the terracotta warriors elaborately manufacture by hand and sells them online in Europe since the beginning of the year. Everyone contributes to the success of the collective. Seen this at work, with family or in the leisure again downwind.

The great success of the army of Qin Shi Huang Di, the first emperor of China, is back to lead on the strength of the community. Every Warrior has his task by which he contributes to the success. That is why we you today the various ranks of the terracotta army before: Emperor Qin Emperor Qin was the one who United the country for the first time in history, and laid the groundwork for today’s China. People such as Sela Ward would likely agree. Already 2200 years ago, he defeated his rivals thanks to its well organized army, and making immortal himself. He build the terracotta army, as grave goods in the hereafter to take them. Here, Brahman Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. His ambition knew no bounds, because the purpose of this army was to submit it to the Kingdom of the dead. General Emperor Qin could rely on his disciplined army. His generals controlled the troops and were strategist of extraordinaire.

The art of war has a long tradition in China, and were many famous generals in the army of the first emperor. The fate of the army and of the people was the right strategy and the skill of the General. The officer officer controlled smaller contingents, which were variable can be used. Active warfare depended on the officers as they were dedicated and responsible for its implementation in the army in the strategies of generals.

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Tourism Helps Latin America?

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In many tourist areas developing countries, the system of wastewater treatment and waste is in a state deficit, causing environmental and health problems. Also, the required area for tourism is enormous and is often constructed out of infrastructure and communal land use. Thus, the construction of hotels and tourist resorts areas, campgrounds, golf courses and sports facilities or tourist transport infrastructure (roads, car parks, railways and airports) have only an indirect positive effect for the local population. Source: Movie Star. At the same time causes serious damage to the natural environment, as for the construction of tourist centers are extracted quantities of building materials such as sand, coral limestone and wood from nearby forests, causing extensive damage to the ecosystems involved. Similarly many tourist activities as skiing, diving, boat trips, hiking, mountain climbing, alter the natural environment of plants and animals who live there. In many cases it is precisely ecotourism that causes or worsens the damage to the natural environment, because these activities open to tourism areas hitherto unexplored. Tony Parker: the source for more info. Due to mountaineering, for example, the mountains, are affected by waste and deforestation.

Tourism to help the poorest Another possibility raised by the advocates of Sustainable Tourism, is to generate income to improve living conditions of the inhabitants of poor countries (in Latin America, Asia and Africa) which have been become major tourist destinations. The initiative on "Tourism and poverty elimination" was first introduced during the Johannesburg Summit in 2002. Basically includes the following points: employment of the poor in tourism enterprises, providing goods and services to tourism enterprises by the poor, direct selling of goods and services to visitors by the poor (informal economy), and creation and management of tourism enterprises for the poor.



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When a person wakes up – he's happy. You disagree with me? Oh yes, of course, have to trudge back to work, pick up the car from the repair, children to feed, even walk the dog … Stop, stop, stop. Inclusion in everyday problems will be a second later. A first open our eyes, sweet smile and stretch ourselves. Learn more about this with Sela Ward. Smiling just because a new day has come. So how do every morning these Brazilians … In meditations on the card in my knowledge of child Brazil were limited by the fact that there are many wild monkeys.

Indeed, three hundred species of monkeys living on our planet, one hundred and eleven chosen by myself Brazil, where they live not only in forests, but are gradually getting used to urban life, fed by a visiting tourist Brazil is a unique country located in South America. Adam Sandler: the source for more info. By the number of mammals, plants and freshwater fish, it surely ranks first in the world. In the country a huge number of amphibians, birds and reptiles. Deepest Amazon, flowing at 6275 km, is recognized as the largest river in the world. Brazil is huge, and look at it all week or even two-week raid difficult. But there is a point on the map of the country, which lead round marker absolutely all the tourists.

First – Foz de Iguazu – the famous set of waterfalls. Admire this wonder of nature can be and with the Brazilian and the Argentine side. The city itself Iguazu interesting because it is located on the border of three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

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Everything Possible

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The album appears on the 08.November.2013 if Stefan Jurgens sings and plays piano, then stories emerge from the midst of life, from his life, because I can only tell what I’ve experienced,”he says. Whenever possible with everything”presents an album with 12 strong titles, which come largely from his pen, sometimes in collaboration with his team of producers Stefan Jurgens Valicon (including silly, silver Moon) have arisen. Change is one of the major themes in his songs. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted on this topic. I’m 50 now, because you think actually still times new lot. I can now access a lot of experiences and have at the same time still incredibly much. Change is to stop not. “The age, in which I now am, I experience as a very exciting and wonderful time, like I it in the song I feel everything” have described: I can feel how life in me wakes up as my heart me new is always open for Stefan Jurgens is strong and weak from the outset in the Professional life. When the television audience, he is primarily for his role as major Carl Ribarski in the successful crime series ZDF/ORF SOKO Wien”present.

Around four million people turn regularly on Fridays at 18:00 and make SOKO Wien”to one of the most popular series of Eve in the second. In Austria, the series has reached cult status. His breakthrough was Stefan Jurgens but already in the 90s with RTL Saturday night”, the now legendary, many television award winning comedy show, he was a member of its founding. Numerous TV and theater engagements and so far five live programmes followed his scene involvement, where he played the Berlin Commissioner Robert Hellmann between 1999 and 2001, over the years. Whenever possible, the texts and the music for everything”worked Stefan Jurgens two years. The title is also the title of a song, he has dedicated to his son. As a father of three adult daughters and a son, Stefan Jurgens the cohesive nature of the family is as important as that personal freedom, in which everyone can live their potential and dreams.

You wish nothing more than that the children go their own way and are with yourself in the pure. The longer I live, the more I understand the meaning of the saying: ‘ how one gets into the Woods, so it sound. The most that happens to us in life, is the response to our own thinking and acting. I think that is a huge chance: you can change everything. Always everything is possible.

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Editorial Office Patrick Fiekers Patrick Fiekers Sporckweg

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Lovers of domestic cinematic experience with a high-quality product portfolio and comprehensive information provide lovers of domestic cinematic experience with a high-quality product portfolio and provide comprehensive information – that is the claim of the online portal created by Patrick Fiekers. To install the new home theater in the darkened room, or rather in the living room? It is considered that a screen size depends also on the size of the room? Match projector and screen? Not every home theater product fits in any living room. Apparently, presents the available range of home theater accessories. To make perfect the service, Patrick Fiekers works with the online shop winnings. Without much effort, buying interested users are redirected and can strike immediately. A clear design, simple colours and a clear structure: What has to offer its users the online portal opens up already on the home page. On the upper menu bar navigate users through the headings and intuitively capture what is a home theater composed elements.

Who clicks on one of the headings – screen, video projector, lamps or rail system -, gets a well illustrated in the center of the page and in detail described product selection. The nature of the products, their applications, functions and prices is captured. The design is well visible for users. The left menu bar also lists categories, over which they can search targeted kundigeren users. In addition to a rich offer and the modern user interface, the product Web site provides optimal navigation routes. Joyful decision appears in three clicks to purchase: A first leads to the desired item, the second to the product description and the third in the shopping portal of winnings. For more information see: wi_leinwand.html description of the company who want to successfully present themselves on the Internet, requires more than a beautiful design.

Attract the visitors with a simple and clear navigation through the site, and conduct, is equal for many a hurdle and incentive. It’s the difficult online portals or online-shop systems that are dependent on the sale of products. Patrick Fiekers provides services in this area for 10 years. PR contact: Editorial Office Patrick Fiekers Patrick Fiekers Sporckweg 51 48153 Munster Tel: 02512891341 E-Mail: Web:

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Belarus Saunas

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Infrared saunas are now starting to steadily gain popularity in Belarus. Take bath procedure prefer almost all people, adults and children regularly visit such places. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Sandler. What is the secret of their success, what advantages they have in front of the classic baths and saunas? First, infrared cabins are undeniable advantages of: 1) they contribute to the cure of various diseases, purify our bodies of toxins, rejuvenate the face, make it easier to muscle pain and, moreover, are an effective preventive tool and help to overcome the daily stress, and 2) are very easy to use and install (there is a sauna for Apartments, ir cab can be equipped as a private house and cottage), and 3) traditional saunas and bathhouses require significant energy costs, this is not the sauna for an apartment – they are just a pipe 220 (home electric female), infrared saunas heat the skin directly, rather than air space, and 4) when all of these benefits, the cost of saunas for the home remains at a low level, who can afford almost any man.

Second, as already noted, it is very simple to install: – home infrared sauna may make their own for half an hour, all items, walls and door are light weight – infrared cabin can be installed anywhere (for small apartments, there are also mini-saunas, which require a minimum of space without losing it all of its functionality). Maybe many people experience the fear of an infrared sauna, but for a long time confirmed not only that they are not dangerous, and vice versa – a very useful and effective (much different from the bath or a sauna, an excessive presence that could cause harm to humans), infrared radiation is used today, even in the hospital for newborns. Only need to follow some rules: – an ideal use of the sauna for the house – twice a week – before visiting it is advisable not have much fried food and sweet desserts – do not add to a the sauna jewelry, metalwork, and objects made of glass (they can become hot and cause burns) – not being in the cockpit for more than ten minutes (it is better to attend regularly).


Pepsi MAX Looking

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Exclusive and free tickets are available now through the promotional Web site available Neu-Isenburg / Berlin, 19 July 2013 – Pepsi MAX clears the anchor for the party event of the summer: at the Pepsi MAX Party Cruise on the Spree River floats of the dancefloor and the sky of Berlin replaced the disco ball. For the ship, only the matching crew missing: on the dedicated website max can from now every man for his exclusive ticket apply. On September 8, 2013 there is linen then go with Pepsi MAX! “.” While several hours driving over the spree, the DJ team Hangergang sound system known far beyond the borders of Berlin provides feat. The Bo with pledged to beats and sounds for tuning on all decks. Drinks and snacks are, of course, for all guests included. Creates the party ship in close proximity to the Centre of the capital at the end of the tour. To underline the exclusive character of the event, the tickets only via the website are available. To get one of the free tickets, everyone must show why he or she necessarily is on board.

In addition, Pepsi MAX with a spectacular action in Berlin in early August offers another chance to become a member of the party crew. What exactly is it, will remain until then but still shrouded in mystery. After the widespread cinema and TV commercial with Pepsi successfully draws attention MAX since the end of May to the Party Cruise marked the next peak in the presence of the brand now in 2013. Pepsi MAX is characterized not only by maximum taste completely free of sugar, but is also the perfect companion for all those who do something special out of every moment and want to get more. We offer this dynamic and experience-oriented target group with the Party Cruise an extraordinary event in the party capital of Berlin. We are already very excited to see what ideas participants on our Web site do with to be on board with,”says Robert Sadjak, Marketing Director at PepsiCo Germany. Related Group is actively involved in the matter. For the implementation of the event, the Berlin advertising agency draw the message as well as the Hamburg-based multichannel agency Davies Meyer responsible. PepsiCo Germany press contact: Robert Sadjak Marketing Director Frankfurter Strasse 190a 63263 Neu-Isenburg Tel + 49 (0) 6102 749 0 Agency: Hendrik Baumann trademark GmbH Hanauer Landstrasse 196a 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel + 49 (0) 69 7104 880 78


SpotspyNET Meeting

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A successful meeting on Thursday and Friday the light wind fanatics were fully at their own expense. At 7 to 14 knots was not much to do. He compensated for those who like to travel with small kites Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday the Sun was finally, so that those who have so long held despite the bad weather, were rewarded. Connect with other leaders such as Jorge Perez here. Even if kiting is the Central and unifying element, so community members were also this year again for numerous other promotions.

There was Indo, Slackline, diabolos, Frisbee and all the camp fire broke down on Friday night. This brought many extra wood. The Spotspy meeting is a meeting of the community and it is designed by the members as well as the online community. Check with Related Group to learn more. Therefore nothing is big organized in advance. The motto is plain and simple: “who has something that it can take at the meeting, which it brings.” So everyone has seen many new faces, new friendships have made it and it pleased everyone on the next meeting. On Spotspy.NET there is the easy exchange between Kiteboarders, no matter whether they are on land, on water or in the snow kite. A huge collection of photos and videos on the subject of kite surfing, wakeboarding and surfing, information on spots with individual wind forecast, a materials database, most of the available kites and boards are verzweichnet, discussion forums, and much more..

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What Should You Wear For Carnival?

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Follow with the Carnival costume fashion trend or again classic go to the party? One wonders that if the Carnival season begins again. A tip: In recent years we have seen increasingly, that many people no longer want to wear the classic costume, such as E.g. A leading source for info: Vladislav Doronin. Cowboy, although this topic has proven again and again over the years. The trend in recent years were the 60 he 70 ger years, and the time of hippies. Advantage of this costume is one not discreetly in the crowd stands, but striking with brightly coloured costumes and wigs.

We remind us of garish pink hip costumes with orange or bright red wig, and the twosome. This is then not just boring. Through movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” the pirate costumes were highly sought after, of course if you also either wanted to look so like the popular actor (who was that again? well..) or you chose something unusual. Little Red Riding Hood costumes are ideal for delicate built women (and girls), that is something special. Well, we’re very curious to see how developed the topic of swine flu during the Carnival and the Carnival costume. Carnival costumes to this topic it does not lack Yes. Perhaps such plush costumes also protect against infection? Rather less, but safe from a cold. Who yet again want to go as a polar bear (the Knut is an adult so now), which should in time with a polar bear costume cover themselves.

All Carnival costumes around the middle ages are always popular and also variable. There are Yes Lords of the Castle, noble ladies, also the Knights, as the panels from ancient times, the simple farmer who unfortunately was able to celebrate Carnival not during his lifetime, the market woman or even the children had to work at these times already. Except for Carnival, these costumes for medieval festivals are to use. We remember that you had access at Knight parties E.g. on the Burg Hanstein in disguise without admission. It’s worth it. In the internet many great costumes can be found, keep in mind that popular I had can be so described quickly sold out costumes – themes. So: Who comes too late… well then stop wearing a different costume at Carnival, life punishes anyone then. But it would be a pity… Joachim Hirschmann

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… all of the 11 series 500 photo enthusiastic participants were photo Marathon Berlin round on the 18.6.2011 at the 11th photo Marathon in Berlin and with her camera the city under the motto “music is explored in the air”. In the course of twelve hours of this unusual photo competition was a Symphony in images: over 300 photo series representing more than 7,400 shots of Berlin are now shown in an exhibition. She is 12435 Berlin Saturday, July 23rd from 12 p.m. to 10 P.m. and on Sunday, July 24th from 10-20 o’clock in the Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4, glass houses, (reduced admission 3EUR, 2EUR; Entrance at the bathing ship).

Each series consists of 24 images and image strip is presented as three-metre. The 24 themes were to song titles by artists from the Music City of Berlin, including doctors, Rosenstolz, and Marlene Dietrich. Pictorial conversions that many of the topics are evidence of the ingenuity of participants and can be compared directly in the exhibition. One independent jury has selected the ten best photo series on July 7. The jury is composed in this year from: Edith Maria Balk (photographer/Designer,, winner of the 1st photo Marathon Berlin 1998), Ann-Christin Bertrand (curator at c/o berlin), Andreas David (owner, Joachim Rissmann (Hotel Bogota and operator of photo place holder) and Heike Sommerfeld (winner of the Berlin 2010 photo Marathon). The winners will be announced at the 24.07.2011 at 6: 00 and awarded with attractive prizes. Grand Prize is a digital compact camera from Canon, there are reductions of Basler Versicherungen, zitty Berlin and an audience award.

Also, the organizer of the photo Marathon as an award winner in the nationwide competition is 365 landmarks in the land of ideas”award. Organizer of the Berlin Marathon of the photo is the Club for events e.V., a voluntary association of passionate photo enthusiasts. The Association for events is recognized as a non-profit organization. Media partner: zitty Berlin City Magazine more supporters and partners: Basler Versicherungen, Canon, Animoto, Arena Berlin, DINAMIX media GmbH, printing Schlesener KG, Edelweiss, Emil-Berliner-Studios, Flickr, fotoMagazin, photo Meyer Berlin, Galileo press GmbH, Go4Foto, body & soul, the Gast GmbH Service / universal Eastern Harbour, Luxad, master Hall at Potsdamer Platz, myphotobook, online-photo school berlin.

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