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Stephon Marbury was born in Brooklyn, New York in February, 1977 and weighs 200 pounds and is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

He went to Georgia Tech for college and in 1996 he was the 4th pick in the NBA draft, by the Milwaukee Bucks.Marbury had a long career as a professional basketball player. He began playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves after he was traded for the draft rights to Ray Allen. The Timberwolves went to the NBA playoffs in 1997 and 1998, but due to a dispute with management Marbury was traded to the New Jersey Nets in 1999. Marbury was with the Nets until 2001 until he went to the Phoenix Suns. While playing as a Sun Marbury made it to his second All-Star Team. In 2004 he started to play for the New York Knicks, where he remained until 2009. In early 2009 Marbury went to the Boston Celtics, but did not stay long. He did not sign a contract for the 2009-10 season, and became a free agent.

Tragically Marbury’s father Don died while watching a basketball game between the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns on December 2, 2007. At the time Marbury was playing for the Knicks.

Now Marbury is playing with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons, a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.  He singed a three year contract to play with the Dragons in July 2010 and Shanxi Zhongyu will create a firm which will produce and sell the brand of Starbury shoes, a Marbury owned company.

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Trendoro Studio

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Trendoro-luxury home textiles now on sale online at deltastores who taste particularly demanding in terms of your own home has developed exclusively white to the difficulty to find the matching, exquisite home textiles. Not everyone wants to seek extra equipment Designer, or rush even with much time from shop to shop. And also in online stores, you will find mostly only standard goods. In short, The search was previously time-consuming and often unsatisfactory. “” “Online sales: with the now exclusively at”, in the category of luxury & lifestyle “furnished online sales of trendier Fasto-Trendoro”, the customer now has the possibility to order ready curtains & made and matching cushion and table runners of the luxury class, with special dimensions and special designs are manufactured like as desired directly online. The deltastores-sales portal certified with the seal of “Trusted store”, offers an optimal protection of the buyer in addition to the latest standards and gives the Trendoro-team on the other hand, the time and the space to concentrate on what it can do best: the search and purchase of exclusive materials as well as the design and manufacture high-quality home textiles. “Range: the decisive advantage of the Trendoro range is located in the exclusive, because all articles and finished curtains, cushion, table runners, are only in the Trendoro Studio” made in Duisburg. Here exquisite materials and creative ideas, meet coupled with careful preparation.

Of course biggest emphasis in the selection of materials on extravagance and quality. Produce some substances Trendoro makes”according to their own ideas in carefully selected weaving. To come still lovingly designed details, a complex processing and an exciting variety of ideas in the execution. The shop assortment includes:-blinds & curtains lined and with curtains Shirring tape ready to hang – cushion sets, – cushion separately, – table runner, Space runner, – young collection, – accessories. Living in luxury”! “Under the motto: living in luxury”! are processed, as also Replenisher materials luxurious velvet and silk fabrics. To know more about this subject visit Koch Industries.

The less expensive young collection”complements the varied offer. Ready blinds made and matching cushion and table runners – decorated often with Rhinestone ornaments – make a striking range and an impressive variety for every taste and style. Whether classic style or modern interiors: Fasto-Trendoro-online-shop offers many extraordinary surprises:. Contact: Trendoro exclusive residential design mortar str.


Luxury Topic Conservation Day

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The day of biodiversity is the day of biodiversity in 1973 in the context of Washington CITES CITES (Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora) has been introduced and is held every year on March 3. Endangered wild species (animals and plants) to be protected by the agreement. Species must be anchored in the consciousness of the people. It is not a luxury topic but is of central importance for the coexistence of man and nature. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. is the German service portal on the theme conservation and day of biodiversity. There, aspects of species conservation as well as events, actions, and information on the 41st day of biodiversity on March 3rd, 2013 will be bundled and presented. What happens where the day of biodiversity? Who is doing what? Conservation is for me…” On the ServicePortal to the biodiversity manifested also responsible by nature, wildlife and species protection association as federal, WWF, as well as ranga Yogeshwar, what is biodiversity for them. The Physicist, science journalist and moderator Yogeshwar says: “Conservation is an expression of respect and humility towards the diversity in the nature for me..


Internet Shopping Luxury

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"Always willing to buy what was left of one copy of" looking through the collection, I came across a very interesting aphorism: "What you saw in the window, who visited before you buy." Admit that this principle as the well-oiled mechanism: the failure gives the probability is less than 1 / 10. How is a shame when such a situation occurs: your beautiful curls have lost vitality and shine – all signs that they need help. In search of salvation means of publishing a fashion magazine or through a global network you find the perfect shampoo that strengthens the curl. Choose your nearest store, accumulate the required amount for purchase and run, and then … Yes – yes, running the above law.

What do you do? The answer is simple: turn to the online store. Modern information exchange takes place at such a rate that does not always have time to learn about new technologies as they are already obsolete. Science moves forward, creating new ways to improve and facilitate people's lives. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted on this topic. One such innovation is the online store. With it you can effortlessly make the necessary purchases without leaving home. But Not all online companies today can boast of good service and quality products.

What can we do to avoid being deceived? Try to understand and answer the most frequently asked questions. 1. Why so expensive? / Who sets the price? Scottish scientist and economist Adam Smith said: "The market dictates the terms and prices." There are a sufficient number of economic indicators and factors, which are formed under the influence of prices.

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Berlin Iceland

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In the 7th episode by Germanys next Topmodel (GNTM) last Thursday, Iceland’s leading airline, Icelandair, a luxury vacation awarded to the winner of the weekly challenge. Others including Tony Parker, offer their opinions as well. The German reality show, hosted by Heidi Klum, based on America’s next top model, a concept that was introduced by Tyra Banks. The show works closely with the international model agency of IMG models. Each season begins with about 12-19 participants, where in each episode a jury determines a participant that must be eliminated. In addition to the qualifying rounds the models face weekly challenges, where there are prizes to be won. So had to prove themselves candidates in previous seasons with the purchase of the most creative outfits for $50 or hang in there over an hour on the treadmill in heels. The price for the challenge of this week was an Icelandair luxury holiday for two people. It includes flights to Iceland in the economy comfort class, five nights at the luxurious Hilton Reykjavik Nordica hotel with Breakfast buffet and admission to the Blue Lagoon Spa.

The Hilton Reykjavik Nordica hotel is located within walking distance to the best designer shops, boutiques, Cafes and trendy bars in Iceland’s vibrant capital. the Blue Lagoon is a unique Spa Centre. Apart from the fact that a dip in the Blue Lagoon is incredibly relaxing, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin containing mineral water, as only mother nature can. Icelandair offers direct flights from Germany to Iceland and on to 8 selected destinations in North America and Canada over the Keflavik International Airport, which serves as a modern and clear hub. The Boeing 757 from Icelandair start year-round from Frankfurt to Iceland, with additional flights from Munich, Hamburg and Berlin in the summer months.

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Granada One

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From may 2012, Andalusia tours with the legendary train are again offered the luxury train Al Andalus is a Palace on rail, which offers its guests all the comforts of legend, and in Andalusia crosses one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe. the train was decommissioned in 2005. After extensive modernization measures, it will start in the spring of 2012 to new travels through Andalusia. The history of the Al Andalus 1929 built the train in England and served the Royal family for their travel to the Cote d’Azur. in 1941, the Spanish railway company RENFE took over the rolling Palace and it was used on rides in all Spain. a renewed Besitzerwechsle took place in 1982.

Andalus Expresso bought the train and baptized him Al Andalus. Until 2005 crossed one of the most luxurious trains in the world of Andalusia, until 2005 the operations ceased. From may, you can once again enjoy this unique travel and discover in the exciting cities of Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Cadiz and Jerez. Luxury pure in the TREN al Andalus of course stay one Royals at Al Andalus. Spread over seven sleeping carriages there are 20 superior suites and 12 standard suites, which offer not only elegance and luxury, but also plenty of space.

In the just completed renovation suites brought technically up to date, for example, each with an individual air conditioning is fitted. Five of the sleeping cars are still built in 1929, they were made at that time in France. During the day the beds in comfortable sofas are transformed and so you can enjoy a cosy Salon atmosphere in his suite. Of course you must spend the time aboard the train not only in his suite, restaurant cars, a bar car and a tea salon car available to guests. The waiter service provides guests around the clock.


Ironwood Palau

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Starting in November 2012, Palau siren offers seven – and ten-day luxury safaris around the islands of Palau to the S/Y. Worldwide dive and sail, and Sam’s tours pleased to announce the introduction of a new luxury sailing yacht with the name of S/Y Palau siren that will operate the two providers as of November 2012 together in the waters of Palau. The new luxury yacht is currently under construction owner and diving fan Frank Van der Linde in Sulawesi, Indonesia, under the auspices of worldwide dive and sail. Just like the sister ships in the Philippines and Indonesia, the S/Y Palau siren will be 40 meters long and built from teak and Ironwood in the traditional style of a pinisi schooner. The ship will offer up to 16 guests in eight spacious cabin space, which will be equipped with air conditioning and an en suite bathroom. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. All amenities for the diver has been considered in the development. Tony Parker describes an additional similar source. So the boat has a large dive deck individual places for accommodation and diving equipment, special camera tables indoors and out with another, Storage facilities for your own equipment as well as computers in each cabin for the image processing. A top-trained crew takes care of all wishes of the divers.

Starting in November 2012, Palau siren offers seven – and ten-day luxury safaris around the islands of Palau to the S/Y. Unique combined travel with the sister ship S / Y Siren of Philippine divers gives the possibility to combine two excellent and very different diving destinations in one trip. In addition, the diving Safari in Palau can be supplemented to a land-based stay organized by Sam’s tours, Palau from most renowned Dive Center and provider of environmentally friendly trips of. All dive safaris start and end in Koror, the former capital of Palau.

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Travel Hotels

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With a completely new search for the perfect luxury hotel the Internet platform alerts create Viam now itself. Cologne, 11.11.2013. Individual wishes can be intuitively combined. As a result, every holiday finds dream hotel for him. “In classic travel agencies objectives were often recommended me, who knew more or less randomly even consultants”, the Cologne entrepreneur Ingrid Pelka, Chief Executive Officer of create Viam says.

Often then something in the hotel or nearby bothered me. Just at high quality hotels I want to do but no compromises. “Only the tiresome own search in the Internet – search engines, organizer pages, comparison portals, evaluation portals, weather and travel information remained so.”Repeatedly I have spent entire evenings on the Internet with search, even though I was trying to find just a lovely hotel”, Padua summarises their experiences. And because there was no suitable search portal for luxury hotels, Padua has invented it without further ADO. Create Viam means “wrought with yours Travel”and that’s the point: the confusing range of intuitive and easy the individually suitable hotel to find.

Apart from looking after specific hotels or destinations, Padua continued a decisive step. Holiday-makers can combine now over 200 criteria. Who is important, for example, golf, Spa, first-class cuisine and a short flight time, can be anywhere the hotels show in the world, that correspond to this combination. And this is just one of the almost unlimited combinations that users can search for. Because is an extensive database with more than 750 hotels in the luxury category, are linked to a variety of criteria and attributes. The number is increasing with other selected hotels. Who want inspiration, can also choose from many themes. Whether diving havens, golf vacations, cultural city trips or family hotel, Padua and its 30-Member editorial and research team have the appropriate hotels very carefully selected. “We want to make the search experience.

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Luxury Apartment

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Quite individually book in an apartment in Majorca many Mallorca lovers have discovered now the individual holiday to Majorca holiday. Anna Belknap might disagree with that approach. The Bay who want not with many other tourists daily buffet food fight and feel in the holiday a little like home, a vacation rental Mallorca. You can with the family or even just the two, completely customize his day and plan. Many of the apartments are located right on the coast, with a good breakfast on the terrace or the day begins well the balcony with sea views. This is pure holiday mood. If you prefer the pool, the community pool in the complex offers relaxation under the Mediterranean sun, with views of the sea.

The nearest beach is also usually not far away. Either with the car and already it is a short walk or a few minutes on a beautiful sandy beach or one of the many small bays along the coast. A visit in the many beautiful places on the island or to the Centre of the island is also recommended. Here can be seen on the Markets just buy fresh food for the evening meal. Especially fish lovers will enjoy fully on Mallorca. In almost all supermarkets, fresh fish is offered, you can buy very cheap and there the Mark Hall of Palma is the largest selection. In the evening sitting on the terrace, reminisce about the day and enjoy with a nice glass of wine overlooking the sea self-cooked dinner what you need more? There are holiday rentals in Majorca now in different categories, from very exclusively with absolutely high-quality establishment, which has of course its price to a small apartment. Of course, there are differences in the categories here, too, but there’s something to suit all budgets. Suzanne Metz apartment Mallorca at Mallorca home

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ADE Camping

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ADE camping, gruezi Glamping luxury camping in the Switzerland with Camp2Relax at night in the rain tent build, quengelige children, annoyed spouses and a WC with Thunder bar”a perfect family vacation? Unfortunately, there are still such prejudice against camping holiday. To dissipate at the last campsite muffles, comes the Glamping “-movement.” In fact in the Switzerland, the mother country of luxury tourism in a beautiful countryside. And who invented’s? “The term Glamping” was formed some years ago in the British, South African and American-speaking world and is composed of glamourous”and camping” together. The phrase stands for glamorous camping holidays, inspired by luxurious Lodgezelte safaris and other exotic destinations. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). It also stands for fashion with natural, rustic elements, combined with chic and lifestyle.

But who goes with the whole family after Kenya or does nature crafted designer fashion himself or his children. Hence families Glamping can enjoy, was 2010 in the Netherlands (where else!) developed the concept of Glampingurlaub: of course include Glamping fairs and even magazines on the subject of Glamping. The Dutch German tour operator Vacanceselect offers his Camp2Relax Lodgesuite in the German-speaking market from January 2011: fully furnished and finished up at the five-star course Seefeld Park on Lake Sarnen, between Grindelwald and Lucerne. The Lodgesuite is not only a chic tent with proper beds and a great kitchen, and will also have a proper shower, a proper toilet and a romantic bath, even an extra tent for children is included in the package. The Seefeld Park on Lake Sarnen 2011 completes a brand new swimming pool with a unique modern design. The square restaurant serves Swiss and international.

In addition to this luxury and glamour”, families will find here also that children love to camp: freedom, spontaneity, playgrounds, beach and the most important: many Playmates! Here German does not guarantee with the Cavalry (families), and does not warrant even with their own camping equipment. Also the Dutch home leave your caravan, I promise! Because the Lodgesuite is finished already on-site. The families from Germany, from the Switzerland or Austria book online or by phone at and conveniently travel with your own car. More info about this combination of adventure, family fun and luxury can be found under: camping /… Vacanceselect is specialized in luxury camping and family travel, a tour operator with Europe more than 150 employees. The booking Center in Hamburg offers trips on the Internet and serves customers from all over Germany and Austria, as well as some of the guests from the Switzerland. On request, customers are advised individually by telephone by experienced employees. So you would like to reach, that any interested family finds the best holiday destination. Vacanceselect headquarters is in the Netherlands Alkmaar and has more than 25 years of experience in the field are and family vacation. There are luxury accommodations on over 300 selected partner campsites and over 170 holiday parks throughout Europe on.

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New Luxury Penthouse

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This holiday home in best location leaves nothing to be desired and offers a unique entry and view of Ahrensburg, 04.02.2011 demanding holidaymakers it is now possible to book a new luxury penthouse of the superlative for an unforgettable holiday on Already when entering in the penthouse of Heiligendamm”in Ostseebad BINZ tangible is the new dimension. Not only the building itself was built in a very solid construction, but also the institution itself testifies to quality, style and extravagance. Also unique is the location, only 20 metres from the sandy beach. The 130 m living area are spacious, where you will find also a sauna in addition to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The large living area impresses with its ceiling height of about 3.50 meters and the numerous window elements that make for a unique sense of space. The master bedroom has a bathroom en suite, its own fireplace and a view of across the Baltic Sea. Overlooking the expanse of the Sea you get the feeling like on a luxury cruise ship. Sela Ward will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The large flat screens built into two bedrooms with free Premiumprogrammen become the incidental. Another highlight in German holiday homes is an air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in the hot summer months. Bangkirai lined roof terrace or in the living room, enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Baltic Sea up to the chalk cliffs. A new era in the world of the German holiday homes is the unique service. In addition to a garage parking space a personal beach chair on the sand beach, the electoral cards guests in addition and expected to welcome, a bottle of fine champagne Veuve Cliquot.

All at no extra charge. As a small daily cleaning of the domicile, which is offered as free of charge for the guests is unique. At Anna Belknap you will find additional information. So we offer a first class service, challenging yourself in a 5-star hotel is not offered, so Reinhard Holewa, founder of acquando. The penthouse in BINZ on Rugen is immediately interested guests available and can be booked on for an unforgettable holiday. Penthouse Heiligendamm ask specifically for the”in BINZ.


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